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Proven Pest Control SEO That Delivers Leads

In today’s environment it has become increasingly important for pest control companies to have a visible online presence because you want to be where your customers can find you (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) the top source for anyone looking for an exterminator or pest control technician is online. If you are taking the jump into digital and creating your own website let our pest control marketing agency offer you a few pointers to get your website up and running in the right direction. There is nothing more important to your business success then for you to acquire as many customers as you can as fast as you can.

Build out the website

A typical pest control website has only about six or seven pages including a home page, service page, about us page, contact page and a residential or commercial page. The problem with this is that it does not give Google spiders much content to index. When it comes to Google content is King, it’s the ultimate authority for which websites hit the front age, in the geek world we call this on page SEO. Most pest control companies have several services they offer and in several locations. Each of these services should be broken apart so that you create 15 to 20 pages of vale. Each of these ages should have massive content attached to them or else you face what Google calls slim content. By building out the website and creating separate pages for each of these services (combined with city modifiers), your pest control website can get listed on the search engines for each of those different keyword combinations giving you more chances to rank on first age which means more leads.

Here is an example:

Home – About – Coupons – Contact Us

Sub-pages for each service – Destin pest control services, Destin bed bug treatment, Destin fire ant control, Destin mosquito services. Destin wildlife control, Destin termite treatments, etc. Furth more someone located in Destin may also be serving other areas like Navarre, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, etc. In order to be found on the major search engines for EACH of those sub-cities, additional pages need to be created:

How To Optimize Your Pest Control Website


Once the pages are built for each of your core services, each of the pages need to be optimized from an SEO perspective so that the search engines understand what the page is about and list you for those words. Here are some of the most important items that need to be taken care of for on-page search engine optimization:

UNIQUE title tag on each page

H1 TAG restating that title tag on each page

IMAGES named with primary keywords

URL should contain page keyword

ANCHOR TEXT on each page and built into the footer

XML SITEMAP should be created and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

Pest Control Off Page SEO


Inbound Links

Once the pages are built out and the “on-page” SEO is complete, the next step is getting inbound links. Everything we have done up to this point is similar to laying the groundwork, you have to have the pages in order to even be in the running. However, it is the number of QUALITY inbound links to those pages that is going to determine placement.

30% of SEO is On-Page type work. The other 70% is Link Building

Once the pages are built out, you are just getting started. The only way to get your site to rank above your competition is by having MORE quality inbound links to your site.

How do you get inbound links- let me tell you what not to do

· Don’t buy links

· Don’t get no follow links

· Don’t get links to quickly

Back links take time to build and be done correctly, they need to have authority. There are a few ways to do this from writing blogs and asking others to share your content to writing content that is unique ad fresh that others will want to share, network with people and other businesses in your community. Seek and ye shall find backlinks.



In addition to writing weekly blogs using your keywords, implementing a backlink strategy so that your build quality backlinks on a regular basis you also need to invest in a tool that will help you to keep your website healthy. One of our favorite tools is Ahrefs. While technical is often overlooked it can tank your website if your pages are all hidden from Google spiders, or you have duplicate content, low content, or other issues like no alt tag on your photos. All of these three steps are crucial if you want to get your pest control website to the first page of Google. The competition is fierce online and the only way to get your share of leads is to be aggressive you must become a master of SEO and stay on top of it day after day while also running your business, this is no easy task so let me share another way you can skip the endless frustration

A Pest Control SEO Agency To Crush Your Competition

No one got into pest control to become a marketer so if you’re looking for a partner, here is your opportunity to work. At Pest Control Marketing Partners, you can leave the work to us so you can focus on what you do best. Ridding the world of bugs. You have customers right now looking for your services online but if they can’t find you, this means your loosing business to your competition. We would be happy to schedule a free call to tell you more about the services we offer. Visit us online today to learn more about our NO B.S. 100% Risk Free Guarantee .

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