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How To Get Pest Control Leads With A High ROI

If you ask most marketers, they will tell you getting leads offline is ancient these strategies simply wont work to which I say phew! Have they ever stepped away from being a keyword warrior to actually run a business, most haven’t but I have, and I am here to tell you getting pest control leads offline is how I started.

Today I am going to share a few of these ways so that you can succeed because here is the deal call me old fashion, but I believe the best way to benefit others is to teach them how to do what you have done and maybe one day you’ll do the same, it’s the power of goodwill. Do good and good will come to you so please share this blog if you find it beneficial.

5 Ways To Get Pest Control Leads Offline

1. Door to door pest control sales: Listen it’s a tough gig having to knock on door after door, have people ignore you, slam the door, and deal with some people who are belligerent idiots but for the sake of you, your family, and business if you shake it off, print up some flyers and go door to door you will sale pest control. However, there is a far quicker way then walking blocks and banging on doors until your knuckles blead to get pest control leads.

2. Bandit signs – These signs can send you leads but there are a few rules to using them effectively. First omit your name, logo, and website. These are not for branding and people only have minutes to read them so simply put “pest control” and add a large phone # so that people can see what you’re doing. You want it to be where people can snap a picture or wrote down a phone number before the light turns green. You want to canvas an area by putting them in areas where there are traffic lights and stop signs. One last idea that your city will hate me for is to out them out after 5 pm on Friday. The city closes and will pick them up. I’ve been threated with fines so far, I have yet to receive one. Keep your cost per lead low by just adding one color of print and visit our friends over at UZ Marketing they ship nationwide and are the most reasonable priced signs you can buy. Most signs will deliver 1 to 3 leads and these signs with stakes are $5.00 so I would say that’s a great ROI.

3. Networking: get out in the community and attend network events such as your local chambers of commerce, BNI meeting, and your local pest control association groups. Shake hands, make friends, and work off of word-of-mouth referrals. A referral offline or online is the best lead you can get but don’t just wait for referrals you have to hustle. If you want to succeed, then you have to have a way to capture leads QUICKLY! The downside to referrals is this is something you have little control over so never use this strategy as a stand-alone way to get customers.

4. Sponsor events within your community, with pest control you can help out people who would be willing to spread some love by having you donate your time. Think of churches who want a beautiful lawn, nonprofits who run a homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter and change residents quickly and may need their place treated for bed bugs or roaches. This is a great way to not only help out, acquire leads but its also a tax write-off.

5. Write a book that becomes your entry way to get in front of people and share your knowledge, this is an excellent strategy as people do business with people they like, know, and trust. One way for people to do this is to share your book written specially for your local area and with self-publishing available on KDP, a part of Amazon you can keep your price for printing books affordable.

6. Direct Mail: Our last and finally way to get pest control leads offline is with direct mail. Now when I say this your mind likely jumped to postcards. While these do convert most of the post cards are going to hit the trash. Just think of a person, they go to their mailbox and then stand over the garbage sorting out the junk and post cards end up in the trash most generally. However, this is what we do, we wrote a direct marketing response letter put it into an envelope and send it first class to the area where we want to market. When it doesn’t have a business name and the envelope is handwritten people open it and with a strong headline, they read it especially if they have a need. The cost to send a letter is about 6.68 cents. You have a stamp for .58 cents, an envelope you can order 500 in bulk for less than $25 making them each worth pennies and then printer paper or go to the local library who usually charge .10 a copy. Then stuff, wrote, and send. I always recommend starting with 250 and if within 5 days of sending the letter your phone rings then you know your letter is golden, if it doesn’t wring then you need to rewrite the letter, rinse, and repeat until it works, and it will work if you write your letter correctly. Now for the sake of brevity I won’t give you a full run down of all the elements your letter should include but here are a few

An incredible headline: They have to pause for a moment. While we all know the Enquire is junk, they make millions because they understand hos to write headlines that make you want to read it.

Write to the reader in the first person about their problems, tell them why they should hire you above all other pest control companies including going down to the local hardware store to purchase products.

Address their concerns, frustrations, and fears while also appealing to their ego.

Develop a strong guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee, termites gone or your money back, you need to put skin in the game because unless you believe in your own product how can you expect a stranger too.

Tell them an interesting story, make the intreating story about yourself.

Now these are just some of the elements there is actually an entire book written to take you through the process that I highly recommend going to buy and read from a man named Dan Kennedy, The book is called The Ultimate Sales Letter. I used these letters couple with SEO to grow a wildly successful business and if I can do it so can you. There are two types of business owner in this world. One type sits on the sidelines thinking customers are just going to magically appear and that somehow a force outside of themselves will determine how many pest control leads and sales they get and consequently how big their business will grow and then there are the business owners who are movers and shakers. These are the people that won’t just read this but are already going and getting signs made up and thinking of who to send letters too. These are the type of people who refuse to sit on the sideline, they are hungry to achieve success and they will make it!

Go out there and do something! Then when your ready for someone to give you a hand with obtaining pest control leads give us a buzz by clicking here.

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