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Get 15-30 Pest Control Leads Weekly Without Breaking The Bank

The #1 challenge for most PC owners is getting pest control leads on a daily basis. Here is a fact: There are few industries that have the power to build a million-dollar business as quickly as the PC industry. BUT there is also another fact, the vast majority of businesses won’t even reach the six-figure mark. The bottom line in growing a business always comes down to getting new customers and retaining your existing clients. Nothing is more important than getting pest control leads daily, turning those leads into new customers and keeping current customers happy so they stay, becoming raving fans who promote you to their neighbors, friends, and family and you grow so that you are able to hire quality employees who show up on time and do a good job.

However, for many this isn’t a reality it’s more like a dream, Most technician’s don’t really have a business, they have created a J.O.B, this can be painful. Its painful when you don’t know where your next pest control leads are coming from and your losing sleep and stress AF because you’re paying some high dollar company to send you customers but instead, they send you tire kickers, low baller, and shared leads that you pay for rather or not you actually win a customer- STOP THE MADDNESS!

If you can relate, then this post is going to do just that, I will give you the best ways to get leads online some of these ways are quicker than others but if you will implement these strategies slowly your nightmare will end- forever!

How can I be so sure of myself, because these are just a small sampling of the very steps that we use at Pest Control Marketing Partners to deliver our clients non-stop exclusive pest control leads each and every day.

Understanding the Definition of a “Lead”

Before we get into the brass tacks of how to generate pest control lead lets make sure the definition of a lead doesn’t get lost.

One of the main problems we see with technician’s who purchase leads is they can’t seem to convert them into a customer. As a business owner who became a marketer, I know firsthand the shit they make you pay for. When I was in business, I paid Service Magic now known as Home Advisors (now I’m showing my age) for poor quality leads, many of these people were merely shopping to see what I would charge just to budget accordingly or they were looking for the lowest price technician in town, which kept me ties to my truck working harder just to get ahead but never really making any serious profits in order to grow my team.

Today these lead generators continue to suck up the money, but I challenge you to look at your ROI. Do you know what you are paying? Do you have any idea what you’re even paying for?

A lead is no more than a prospect that may want your service or may just be looking for information and they give you their contact information. Now ask a salesperson and a marketer what’s the difference between a lead and a sale, most will disagree but here is what I think. A pest control lead is not a sale. A lead isn’t even an appointment for a free quote. A lead is simply someone who has shown interest. I have an interest in a vacation to Maui, but I haven’t traveled because I’m still not sure about the pandemic yet on some days when I think back to my Maui moon with my groom, I hop over to a travel site just to check the prices and dream a little. This is fine if the travel site isn’t paying for a lead or has money to waste but I’m going to assume you don’t which is why I don’t recommend pest control companies get their leads from these lead farms that are making millions and leaving you broke.

For lead gens that farm out leads, the conversion rate is 1 possibly 2 out of every 10 becomes a sale. Most that become a sale and 30% less then they are worth and so you’re not only paying for all the leads you didn’t win but you’re dropping your prices by 30% just to get a couple of those leads and now what? YOUR BROKE!

Yes, you need leads but you need those leads to have the highest chance or lowest cost of becoming a SALE so you can make some moolah, some cha-ching, some bread!

Sounds like a rats nest!

Isn’t there a better way?

How To Generate Pest Control Leads Online

If you type the keyword “pest control company” into Google, you will see the front page is divided into 4 sections. At the top is Google screening, followed by pay-per click (PPC), next comes GMB or map packs, then organic comes next.

1.Google Screening

Since it’s at the very top of the page its worth mentioning first. If your licensed, have a clean background and are willing to be subjected to a through background check by Pinkerton then you can place your PC company at the very top.

The great thing about Google screening is that while you’re still paying for ads if someone isn’t actually a lead, Google reimburses you the money. They also provide your customer with a peace of mind that Google stands behind your work. Now this isn’t for everyone but it’s worth checking it to especially if your service area doesn’t have a lot of other companies using it.

2. Pay Per Click: Some people recommend coupling PPC with your AEO to get fast leads, if you have a high enough ad spend and know how to do PPC correctly so that you don’t suck all your money up then go for it but I believe there are better ways to get customers.

3. Google My Business (GMB, Maps listing)

This is one of the best places for you to get leads and they are FREE!! Yet do you know how many pest control guys still haven’t taken the steps to get their company listed. If this, is you, go fill out the form, get a postcard within a week and then optimize it. Add photos, logos, and fill it out. Next ask your customers to please take 2 minutes to leave you an “honest review” and as you collect reviews and make post you will climb the ranks so that people see your listening and with stellar reviews click the link and visit your website or pick up the phone and you invested time but ZERO money, so it has a 100% ROI!

When someone goes to Google and types in keywords such as

  • Pest control company

  • Exterminator +[city]

  • [city] + Pest Control Services

  • Pest control companies near me

You can show up in the search engine result pages not only that but its an appealing spot for a searcher to click on because they love to see reviews as this shows them what their neighbors have to say about you. Again these are free leads so sign up and start using it to get leads. Some examples for blog post or articles may include:

4. Organic Searches- Search engine optimization- SEO

I saved the last for best, while a large chunk of traffic and leads will come from ranking in the map packs, you can grab other keywords by making sure your website is optimized for those words. The first thing is to create a service page for each service you provide and a page for each service where you work at. Each page needs to be filled with unique content. When I started off pages could simply change a few words and you were golden, but the internet highway has been jammed up, so you need to have not only unique content on each page but also fresh content. You do this by posting a blog some people do it once a week other do it once a month, we have found every 2 weeks is sufficient, its mpre then what most of your competition is doing. These blogs need to be between 700 and 1000 words each.

Some examples would include:

  • How much does pest control cost

  • What does pest control do

  • How often should pest control be done

While the readers of your blog may not be interested in getting you out there to give a free quote they may come back later since your website was the one that popped up.

5. Facebook Ads

There are a lot of comoanies tossing money into Facebook trying to capture pest control leads but they do not have a strategy and they have no idea what their return on investment is. Listen here is my opinion about marketing. For every dollar you spend you should generate at least $2.00 yet many people think its impossible to promote their business in such a way, it sounds like hype, a dream, but it’s because you’re either not putting it into the right tools or you’re not watching your ROI like a hawk, and you really ought to because if you’re not then who is? A man once said “I know much of the marketing I am doing is not working, the only problem is I don’t know which half”

Social media is just that social- you’re sending your ad out to the masses without any clear though as to Do they need your service, can they afford your service, do they already have another company, do they live in an apartment. Its like tossing darts while wearing a blind fool and maybe I am obsessed with money, but I want to know that my money is going, I work my ass off and I want to make sure my family is well taken care of so I MUST know my ROI!!

Instead of just deploying an ad on Facebook I only send it to the people who have shown interest in my services because they have visited my website and its cheaper, so it gives me a far better ROI. Doesn’t this make more sense? Now when I create the ad I send a $25.00 off coupon that expires quickly so they call me or I create a lead magnet something they want such as a guide to termites so that I capture their email and show up in their inbox. However, if people are not visiting your website, then this strategy won’t work. When the time comes simply create a business page on Facebook if you don’t already have one and then add a pixel to your website or the landing page you have created. Here the step-by-step instructions to do that.

6. Email Marketing

Another great way to generate pest control leads is email marketing, you can start with a free mail chimp account or spend $14.00 but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to not only use email to attract new customers but to keep the competition from sneaking in with a lower price or a better deal by marketing your existing customers with a monthly newsletter. For every $1.00 spent on email marketing there is a $44.00 ROI- sweet!!!

Now when you have a lead you want to follow up right away by adding automation, here’s the thing most of your customers have been burned by a shoddy contractor at least once in their lifetime so they always have lingering doubts in their mind such as:

  • Who will show up

  • Who will do a good job

  • Who can I trust

When you have a lead, you need to reach back out right away, not a day later or even an hour later but immediately. When they fill out a contact form on your website or landing page you need to let them know your there to help them and they can end their search because if you don’t, they will travel down the front-page list of their search results until someone reaches back out. Now since your obviously not right by the phone, at least I hope not it has to be set up through automation.

Now I know you must be thinking this is so much work, how will I ever have the time to work if I follow all these tips but its like anything else there is always a solution to the problem and in fact, I will give you too.

# 1. You get up an hour earlier and start your day or you work an hour longer each day, while you may find this stuff hard at first its just like anything the more you practice the faster and mpre proficient you become. Setting up a schedule is just one of the keys to success. Another tool is automation so that things run without much assistance. Set up your emails and blog ahead of time and then let them work above all learn to delegating. Find someone like a stay at home Mom or retired veteran who can answer your phones, write, and do emails both sending and receiving, who can run your chat bot or have it automated, text messages can also be automated so when you miss a call there is a system in place that triggers a response. There is one rule I learned Done beats perfect! This $12.00 tp $24 an hour girl who become your assistance will allow you to breath and is worth every penny.

# 2 Hire a reputable pest control marketing company that understands you goals, can provide proof they have the solution and then let them do the heavy lifting of getting you leads so that you can operate your business. A truly good marketer is not an expense but an investment. If you’re looking for some a company then click here.

Join us for our next blog where we will discuss ways to gain pest control leads offline. If you have questions contact us, we are happy to help. Now go do something that can help make your phone ring and keep your truck running!

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