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2022 Pest Control Internet Marketing Plan

Are you ready to take 2022 by storm? As we move into February do you have a clear path for how to grow or scale your business? In this training guide I will help you unpack your “2022 Pest Control Internet Marketing Plan” and what you need to do to grow or scale your lead flow via the internet going into the New Year.

Now that may seem crazy to you if our pest control marketing plan works so well why would we just give it away. There are two reasons really.

1. We believe the best way to prosper is to extend a helping hand to our fellow man, call it the golden rule. If you follow this plan, it will work, and I will congratulate you on your success.

2. For some of you, you may lack the time to implement this pest control marketing plan and decide you would like our assistance, if this is you feel free to reach out. Our information is located at the bottom. Either way you have my word this isn’t some veiled sales attempt, if you follow this plan, you will be successful!

With that said let’s look at the objectives we are going to cover today:

  • Setting goals for 2022- How many leads do you need to hit your revenue goals? How many calls do you need to have to make that goal a reality?

  • How to set up your website the hub of your marketing so that you boost your conversion rate.

  • Which marketing tools should you use? Are the tools you are currently using going to work? Or would another tool work better?

If your really serious about having a plan that gets you better results in 2022 then take the next few minutes that you have and invest in reading this plan and I guarantee it will change your business. I won’t promise you that this will be easy, but I guarantee you it will work.

Now if you decide you rather not manage your pest control marketing, then I encourage you to schedule a free strategy call with me and my team to look at the possibility of us implement this plan for you. You can visit

Either way you have my word that this won’t be some veiled attempt to sell you anything.

Why Create A Pest Control Marketing Plan?

Okay so let’s look at why we want to create a plan, I believe when we start with our “why “it helps us to get clear of what our goals should be and why those goals are important and worth your time. The clearer you can be about your business goals the more it compels you to take the necessary actions you need to turn those goals into a reality.

A goal without a plan is nothing more than a dream.

Here are three reasons why I feel its important for pest control companies to have an internet marketing plan.

The first reason you want a plan is because there are many companies who want to grow a successful business, but they don’t give much thought into how to do it aside from a few meager effort at marketing for which they probably have no idea as to what their return on their investment is. They take the approach that new customers will magically appear outside their control to determine how many customers there will be and consequently how big their business will grow. Or they have a case of what I refer to as the “shiny object syndrome.” They aren’t sure what they should do, should you invest in search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) or should they pay for leads from a lead vendor like Home Advisor, Thumbtack or Angie’s list? They do a little of this and a little of that, but they never really accomplish their goals.

With all the tools out there, it can make a business owner feel so overwhelmed they take their plans and shoved them into a file cabinet and just “wing it” or they get lost in operating their business and never reach the success they desired.

Million-dollar businesses don’t happen by accident. Growing a million-dollar business without a specific proven strategy is like driving to an address hundreds of miles away without a GPS or map, it won’t happen. This is why I created this pest control marketing plan.

The second reason you need a solid plan you can sink your teeth into is you must be able to generate leads to hire quality technicians. You want technicians that are trained, capable, and show up. You want a team you can rely on to do a good job for your customers so that you have a stellar reputation in your community. However, if you don’t have the leads to keep your technicians busy week after week you won’t be able to build your team. No matter how much you pay your team if you do not have the work to keep them busy it won’t be long before they hop to the other company in the area.

Lastly the reason you “why” you need a pest control marketing plan is if you’re going to invest in marketing you want to make sure you have a high enough return on investment (ROI). What we see on average is most business owners go through 5 pest control marketing agencies trying to figure out how to make their phone ring and keep their trucks running.

You could go to Pest World and ask the majority of the companies there who has seen a positive ROI on their marketing investment, and most will sadly say no this is because after paying technicians, trucks, equipment, and overhead there is really no growth, this is why we exist.

In fact, at Pest Control Marketing Partners, we believe in this plan so much that we back it with a 100% ironclad guarantee for our clients.

Here’s the deal

If you follow this digital pest control marketing plan it will help you create goals, hit your targets, double your investment, and create your dream team because your phones will be ringing and your trucks will stay running, this is our goal for you in 2022 so let’s get busy and make it happen

Setting Your Pest Control Marketing Goals

Have you ever looked at other businesses in your area and wondered, what’s their secret? How have they been able to build a successful million-dollar business? Did, they have some secret formula for success you weren’t privy too?

Let’s look at a study that was conducted by a major university who interviewed and followed college grads over the period of ten years. They asked the students one simple but vital question that weeded out those who succeeded and those who didn’t. “What’s your goal?” now this seems simple but here is their finding:

· 84% of college grads lacked a clear goals

· 13% of college grads had goals but they were not written down

· 3% had clear goals, written down and a plan to achieve them.

Here is what’s staggering of those 3% who had clear goals and wrote them down and had a plan to achieve these students earned on average 10 times more than the other 97% of graduates put together.

I’ve found this to be true of pest control companies as well. What are your goals for 2022?

Do you have clear goals? Because as Brian Tracey said “Success is goals all else is commentary”

When you have clear goals, you avoid becoming stagnant and losing control. Most pest control companies plateau far short of their goal because they lost sight of what they were trying to achieve.

We are only one month into 2022 so now is the time to write down your plans. But instead of writing down your annual goal I want you to break it into smaller chunks. I want you to create monthly and quarterly revenue goals.

At the end of each month, you’re going to pause and reflect, the same with your quarterly goals. This will help you to know what is working and what’s not working and how far the needle is moving forward. What we have found is if you don’t stop and reflet then chances are your pest control business plan will faulter as it falls to the wayside.

Now that you know the “why” I want you to stop reading and start implementing. Take a few moment and figure out what your goals are, I want them to be so crystal clear that you can visualize them before you start your internet marketing. If you are not able to become crystal clear, then your marketing isn’t going to be dialed in. If you’re trying to reach a million dollars but don’t know what that looks like, how will you know if your marketing is working? You could say “well, that’s easy, if I make a million dollar then it works?” Do you really want to invest 2022 waiting to see if it works and spend all the time and money hoping it does? Let’s look at a better plan.

The Math Behind Your Business Plan

What’s your target revenue goal for 2022? Is it one million, three million? Write it down then from there take that number and divide it by 12 months.

Let’s say you’re trying to build a seven-figure pest control agency:

1, 000,000 X 12 = 83,333.3333

This means you will need to make $83,333 dollar per month. Whatever that revenue goal is you want it to be realistic and tangible. If you’re just starting out one man in a truck, would it be realistic to make $83,3000 per month? No! It would require manpower. How large of a team would you need? How many trucks?

Now let’s say you have the team, the trucks and are ready to make seven figures. Let me ask you an even harder question:

· How many service calls will you have to run to make this a reality?

· What’s your average service ticket?

Based on these numbers you will now know how many leads you must have to reach that million-mile marker.

As an example, let’s say that your services are $1000.00 that means you need 83 clients each month paying you $1000. If your services are $500 each then you will need double that. Do you see why doing the math and creating a revenue goal per month is essential to your success?

Now that you have this information, how many leads you need to hit your revenue target?

This means you need to know your conversion rate and divide that by your target.

How many leads do you need in order to get a sale?

The reason you need to know your leads you need and what your conversion rate is, is to know which of the marketing tools you need to invest in to hit your target.

Next you need to know what’s the average cost per lead, just because you are not paying a lead generating service doesn’t mean that you aren’t paying per lead. If you have SEO and your spending $1500 per month how many leads are you getting from it? The same goes with social media and pay per click. PPC will cost more than your organic leads (SEO) What does it cost you to get a lead? If you don’t have the right tools in place to get the leads you need then you have to increase your budget, change tools so that you get the lead cost down or you will need to change your goals.

Now that we have a clear picture of your pest control marketing goals let’s start looking at the strategy that will get you to the goal line.

Pest Control Website

Your website is the hub for any other tool you use rather its SEO, PPC, or social media. This is why it must be stellar, a one-of-a-kind design with a one-of-a-kind message. How much time have you invested in thinking about

who is your idea customer? who are you selling to? What’s their pain and frustration, what are their goals? Before you can create a message, you need to first create a customer avatar.


· Do you want to sale to homeowners or commercial clients

· What’s their age?

· Are they married or single? Do they have kids?

· What’s their yearly income?

Here is what we have seen the basic avatar for pest control companies in residential- again this is not always the case but the more you can gear your message towards them the better your conversion rate goes up and when your conversion rate rises, the cost per lead drops.

Homeowners who are 35 years or older, most females, married with 2 or 3 kids, whose annual revenue is $ 65,000 or more who is family oriented, likes to please people and wants the same in return and lives in the suburbs or super middle-class neighborhoods. This will be a little different for everyone but what are the best customers you serve who aren’t hung up on price, who’s easy to handle? Create that idea customer in your mind and their character traits.

Pain Points

Now you want to consider what’s their pain and frustration? Think of the client in that moment what’s their fears and frustration, what do they want for you to accomplish? Why are they hiring you?

· They have a bug outbreak; their lawn is the ugliest on the block.

· They can’t get a company on the phone or to return their call

· They need to get their bug issue or dead lawn issues resolved quickly

· They are too busy to deal with it

· They are worried that the situation in their house could be unhealthy.

You may not think this level of thought is necessary for your message to be successful, but have you visited the website of your competition in your area? They all sound the same, if every website in the area has the same message, then it’s hard to complete except on price and this isn’t where you want to be. You need to get inside your customers mind and think if what has taken them to your website and respond accordingly so they pick up the phone and call you instead of the other guys in town.

Now you want to think of their fears and implications

· Being ripped off or overcharged

· Paying too much for something they could have gotten elsewhere

· Having their family or home suffer because of shoddy work?

· Having to wait around for a pest control company to arrive at their home

· Being inconvenienced trying to coordinate with your company

· Bill may be more then they can afford

The biggest issue we find is that people is not money but that the company does not show up and they have to wait around or take off work to get the issue fixed and then they don’t.

Goals and Desires

· Get the bugs or pest out of their home

· Having their lawn healthy

· Having a well-kept home

· Taking care of their family

· Spend more time with family

· Protect their investment (i.e., termite damages)

· Respect and approval of their family, relatives, and neighbors

· Peace of mind

Write your Pest Control Marketing Message

If you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones eyes, then you can sell what Joe Jones Buys. Make sure your message speaks to this instead of about you. Remember the old saying “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” This rings true with your websites message.

Message Exercise

· I want you to write down 3 reasons why someone should choose to do business with you vs your competition?

· What benefit do you offer that your target customer avatar resonates with?

Here are a few things we have found that works well in pest control obviously it helps if you look at who the competition is and see how you can outdo what they are offering:

· Same day or emergency service (if you don’t offer this then on time service)

· Straight forward pricing

· Satisfaction Guarantee

· Trustworthy or Experienced technicians (were going to keep the house clean or clean up after ourselves)

Your website is the hub where everyone goes rather, they see a social media ad, or read a blog, or you send out a letter. Therefore, since everyone you come in contact with will ultimately go to your website its worth the effort to make sure your content, the written message is well crafted to make the visitor pick up the phone and call you. Many people go after a website that has all the whistles and bells, they want it to look pretty, and that’s great but what’s most important is having a headline that entices them to read, and a message that feels t was written to them or for them and compels them to take the next step.

Pay beats pretty!

How To Convert Your Visitors Into Callers

There are a few elements that if you have in place will help you instantly gain more customers before you ever get started using marketing tools. WE recently worked with a Katy pest control company, and they had about 55 visitors a month to their website, however only 7% of those people were picking up the phone so they were losing 52 visitors and only getting 4 leads- YIKES! By rewriting their content and adding these elements to their website without doing anything else they automatically had a 20% boost!

Contact: Your company phone number shoulder be in large, bold print at the upper right-hand corner of your website so, its easily visible for people to pick up the phone and call. In addition to a phone number does your website pages have contact forms they can fill out. Are the calls to action so your customers know what they need to do? Do you have a chat feature they can use so they don’t have to call? Are you levering marketing automation and SMS to maximize your conversion rate? When someone fills out a form are you automatically following up with them?

Authenticity- Removing the stock photo and adding picture of you, the work truck, office location. Most pest control websites have stock phots of a dead cockroach or a happy family, but people do business with people not businesses. People do business with people they Like know and trust.

Credibility: Do you have credibility symbols such as BBB or Home Advisors? Do you have a way to show your reviews like Birdseye or review buzz?

Message: Are you speaking to your avatar or at them? Are you addressing their fears and frustration, does it tell them why they should choose you over your competition?

Videos: Does your website have videos like a welcome video, videos of your services, videos explaining why they should contact you instead of your competition, videos of your customers leaving a brief review on camera?

The Truth About Pest Control Marketing Leads

These key elements on your website will drive up your conversion rate and lower your cost per lead. For many pest control companies the problem isn’t just leads, you can buy leads from just about anywhere. The bigger issue is leads. In a recent article done it shows that 50-60% of inbound leads, that means people that come to your website leave without contacting you and 90% of webforms fail to convert. The forms that people fill out they just go to die.

Here are the facts, leads that are not followed up on in 15 minutes or less go from a hot lead to a cold lead. The average customer must be followed up on 5 to 7 times before booking and todays consumer prefers to interact via text message vs phone call or email. I mean think about a recent problem you have faced, would you rather text and know you could have the issue solved or would you prefer an email or phone call? Your customers are not that much different.

The best way to do this is with automation, so that you send an auto reply within 2 minutes of a form submission rather that is by texting, calling, or emailing. Then you want to follow up so that the prospect is touched 5 times and able to engage with you via a two-way text message.

It’s really simple math is you receive 100 visitors per month, and you have a 30% conversion rate with an average ticket is $650 then that’s $19,500 profit.

On the flip side with automation in place the conversion rate climbs up to 70% so that same 100 visitors is now 70 booked jobs at $650.00 but instead of making $19,500 you make $45,500

This is how you can make more money while spending the same amount for pest control marketing or how you can increase your budget but generate a higher return on your investment ( ROI) What we do for our clients is we have a automated system that tells the clients when they have a form submission so that they respond quickly, strike while the iron is hot. When you call automatically 2 out of every 5 calls get answered because you catch them in the moment before they venture off to the other websites you will book them for a free consultation, or instead of a phone call you generate a text message that will go out right away. Another component that we have with our conversion booster is for missed calls. It’s a shame to spend all that time to get a visitor to pick up the phone and then you miss their call, instead they get a response right away. This shoots up the conversion, this is just one way that we help our clients reach their revenue goals.

Pest Control Marketing Key Perforce Indicators

The next step is to know and track your KPI’s (Key Perforce Indicators) earlier we set an annual goal and broke it down to a monthly goal, in order for this to work your going to have to track things such as:

· Call Tracking

· Average Cost Per Call Generated

· Simple dashboard to measure KPI’S

Where are the calls your business receiving coming from? Is it from SEO or pay per click? Is it from social marketing or direct response letters? If you’re not tracking your calls, you’re missing the boat. As one man said “I know half of my marketing doesn’t work, the only problem is I don’t know which half that is. “Call tracking is vital in order to hit your targets.

The second thing again goes back to knowing what your average cost per lead is, how much do you have to spend in order to make your phone ring? Most pest control companies that I know if do not know this metric. If you don’t know this information, then there is no way you can figure out you don’t know if you are on track or off track for your pest control marketing budget to hit your revenue goals for 2022. You need a mechanisms to tell so you know this information

What’s measured gets done. What we measure always improves so what we do is to provide our clients with a system that measures these KPI’s for them and then we work with you to ensure you reach your goals and targets.

2022 Pest Control Key Trends

Now that we have looked at all this let’s look at some of the trends that will provide you with the most bang for your bucks. One of the hottest trends in 2022 for pest control marketing and it has been popular for quite some time is local service ads. The conversion rate is higher than pay per click so do the background check and get started.

Another shift in 2022 is to give you customers more than just a way to reach you by phone. Set up automation and let them be able to converse with you via text and chat bots.

Lastly you need an all-in strategy, its not just search engine optimization or just pay per click or social media ads. You need multiple revenue streams all working together. A well-rounded strategy will allow customers to find you wherever they are looking. When blended together it keeps your cost down.

Build Your Pest Control Marketing Plan for 2022

I want to help you get laser focused and pull everything together we now know what your marketing gas are as far as revenue, where you want to be in a month, per quarter, and in a year from now. You know your cost per lead, and how many leads you need to hit your targets. Now let’s look at where to spread your pest control budget. You have to figure out what part of your budget you’re willing to invest generally 3-5% will keep your business where that is now, a 10% is a moderate growth and 15% is an aggressive strategy. The good thing about pest control marketing is when its done right its not an expense but an investment. The more you spend the more you should be able to make so good marketing pays for itself plus way more.

When you look at your pest control marketing budget you want to make sure that you leave money to not just invest in digital marketing but offline marketing as well. This including direct response marketing and on making sure that your previous customers return such as newsletters, emails, or dropping a thank you card in the mail after every service. The point is for them to use you and refer you to others. You want to spend about 70-% of your budget online and 30% offline. If you want to learn where to put this 70% in terms of SEO, PPC, local service ads, social media, retargeting…etc then what I recommend is scheduling a time with Pest Control Marketing Partners where I or a member of my team can sit down with you and look at your website to see is it built to convert, look at your SEO and make sure your ranking for the right keywords, look at the data and help you create a plan for your marketing dollars to hit your revenue goals for 2022. If you would like to schedule a time, then here’s your chance. I’m waiving our normal fee of $497.00 and giving this gift away at no cost to you. Click the button below, I look forward to speaking with you.

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