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Our High-Performance Pest Control Websites Are Designed By SEO Experts Not Ordinary Web Designers (Who Only Make Sites Pretty). Our Focus Is Converting Traffic Into High-Quality Leads.

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Pest Control Website Design

Get a lightning fast, responsive, website enhanced with search engine technology (SEO) that Google will love and more importantly customers can find. 

SEO Enhanced

Completely SEO Optimized written content that's customized for your business and to rank in major search engines right out of the gate time to wait.

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 Our program giving you everything you'll need for a custom designed pest control website design plus a whole host of marketing tools to grow or scale your business to the next level.

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Our pest control website designers will make sure your website is live and ready to pull in leads with 2 weeks because we know time is money, and you don’t have time to wait.  

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Website Designs 

If you are like most of the companies that come to us, we aren’t the first pest control website designer you have had to hire. Most were unsatisfied with the results they were receiving, or they were getting traffic, but their bounce rate was through the roof as people came and left without taking any action (calling, emailing, or completing an online form) we understand your frustrations. It frustrates us for you. Applying our years of knowledge in pest control website designs and using search engine optimization (SEO) we are committed to making those pains a thing of the past. We may not have been your first but with our proven track record for success and best in class for pest control website designs, we hope we will be your last.

Create or Redesign ?

 Whether you are starting from square one or you simply need a minor makeover to ensure you hit the milestones your business needs, we will work with you to set you on the road to success. Each of our pest control website designs are built with the end goal in mind of generating leads and revenue. We have studied and experimented with different aspects of development and content creation to learn how to craft a pest control website designs that not only looks like an extension of your business but delivers results. Our pest control websites designs include:


  • Website Architect

  • Advanced Coding

  • Lighting fast loading speed

  • Great User Experience

  • Desktop and mobile

  • Enhanced SEO


But this is only the beginning. We have experimented with dozens of different website designs for the pest control industry to figure out what works and what doesn’t as well as developed digital tools to ensure your website development, maintenance and performance are as efficient as possible and can handle whatever trends are on the horizon.

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13 Pest Control Website Design Tips You Should Implement For Success.

Average Website Conversion

 The average website only converts between 2 and 5 %, this means most people will never take the next step and call you once they land on your website.

This means if you have 500 people visit your website each month and 5% convert into a bona fide lead that’s 25 leads a month. If you have a 20% close ratio that means you made 5 SALES and that’s exactly how people go out of business.

Using the website tactics plus the chapter on how to write using  direct response marketing, we have boosted our clients conversion rates to almost triple the averages (11-20%). Here the thing most people fail to realize, you have ZERO control over how many people use Google or the words they enter into the search bar. However, you have 100% control on the content you produce that allows you to capitalize on every opportunity you get to turn a visitor into a lead.

Let’s look at the tactics we have created that drives up the website conversion rate.

Contact: Having the phone number of your company in the header graphic on your website. If you want people to call you hiding your website is never a good idea. Instead use big bold letters “Call Now” and or “Schedule Service” and make sure its on every page of your website.


Create a form on every page of your website so that they can enter in their name, phone number, and email address as well as explain their problem. You don’t want to ask people for too much information upfront but enough that you can contact them and know what they need help with.


Leverage Personality: People do not do business with other businesses, the do business with people they like, know, and trust. When you leverage your personality, you remove stock photos and replace them with photos of your team and service trucks. Let them see who you are. If you don’t have the budget for it there are many photography groups on Facebook who are trying to build up their portfolio and would be happy to give you some quality photos for less, then half of what other photographers will charge. You don’t have to have a website entirely filled with images, but you do need the basics and you want those pictures to be of you, your team, your trucks, your work.

Credibility Symbols: When people visit your website, they are looking for signs that show them you are trustworthy and reliable. If you have been using a lead generator service like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Angie’s List go ahead and add their logo to your website. If you’re a member of the National Pest Management Association, BBB, local Chambers of Commerce, showcase this stuff on your home page, and try to add it above the fold of your website. These little signals make them feel more at ease about picking up the phone to call you.

Reviews and Testimonials: One of the absolute best ways to convert visitors into leads is to show them what their neighbors say by adding reviews to your website. There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to use the Google reviews you have and add them to your site, another way and one that works even better is to have a short video clip of one or more customers. These videos can easily be recorded after the service is done using your cell phone. Most happy customer have no problem in giving you a review, all you have to do is ask.

Mobile Friendly: An overwhelming majority of people are using their cell phones to look up services, so you want to make sure your site is mobile friendly. In fact, Google reports that 40% of mobile users will turn to your competitors website if they have a bad mobile experience. The element that they need is a way to scroll up and down and be able to simply press a button to call or email you.

Fast loading speed: Many people have places to go and people to see so make sure your website loads quickly. A good website speed is between 3 and 5 seconds. A one second delay yields:

  • 11% fewer page views

  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

  • 7% a lost chance at converting your customer, they are gone!


Easy to Read​: Make your content easy to read by removing overly complicated words. Use bullet points to break up your text, keep your fonts size to 16 or more so that they can see it on both laptop and mobile and stick to only two font styles, one is for your headers and the other is for the body of the content.


Updated Information: As a consumer I can’t tell you of the numerous times I have visited a website to see front and center a date that is older than dirt. It could be an announcement from six months ago, a holiday photo, or a coupon that’s expired. What this tells me especially in the Covid era is their website is up, but their business has closed down.


New Information: if your working on your SEO then you want to make sure your adding weekly content to give your website the best chance at making in onto first page, you will also need quality backlinks and citations. 

Coupons: When customers are looking for a reason to call or schedule their service give them an incentive, one way to do this is to use coupons. Consider offering a first responder, teacher, senior citizen, or military discount. Offering $25.00 or 10% off their first service call. Get creative!


Footer: Whatever is on the top menu include at the bottom of your website as well, you also want to add your contact information and a Google map with your office location either to the footer or to your contact page.

 For those of you who have still not flipped from a Facebook business page to a website and will be purchasing a new domain name, et us offer you a few suggestions.


  • Pest Control + (city name)

  • (city name) + Pest Control Services.

  • Exterminator + (city name)

The reason we make these suggestion is they will add to your SEO speed. If people are typing a name that is similar to your business name such as the examples above this can add speed to your efforts when it comes to search engine optimization and every little bit of help you can get counts.

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Digital Blueprint: Our pest control marketing agency gets to know your business, what are your revenue and business goals, who is your ideal client, what types of jobs you’re looking to attract, what services areas do you offer?

Once we understand your unique business needs and goals then we customize a pest control marketing strategy that fits your business goals and budget.


 Website Audit: Next we do a deep dive into your website to see how it looks from a technical aspect including keywords, errors, and content structure. After our call you will know why you are lagging behind.

Competition Analysis: Ever wondered what your competition is doing online that you aren’t to get all the leads? We are about to let you know the juicy details as we take a behind the scenes look at why their soaring and you’re struggling. Without knowing the competition it’s hard to beat them.