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Is Your Web Design Costing You Leads?

When getting started with SEO for your pest control company, first, you need to determine whether your current web design is working for you. Are you showing up in Google searches for your main keywords? If you are unsure, go to Google, type in the keywords important to your pest control company, and see if you can find your site. That might be keywords like “pest control+ the name of your city,” “your city+ pest control company,” “exterminator,” “wildlife control,” etc.

Check out our chapter on finding the best keywords for pest control, or to get a free customized keyword list click the button below; we will do the research for you!

Before we go even further on the subject of pest control web designs, let’s make sure you understand the search engine result pages (SERP)

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Understanding How Search Engines Work

When you do a search on Google, you’re going to see three or four types of listings appear on the front page of Google:


Google Service Guarantee

In 2018, Google  launched a program that puts your business at the top of the age using Google ads. However, unlike PPC, This program guarantees satisfactory service delivery for customers and cuts down on fraud.


Paid Google Ads Listings

The next listing is pay-per-click or Google ads listings generally, and there can be up to 4 at the top above any other listings (you’ll see the word “ad” next to them, so you know they’re a paid advertisement). In this section, you can pay Google to display ads for your business based on your selected keywords. It’s called pay-per-click because you pay every time someone clicks on your listing, whether they become a lead or not.


Google Maps Listings

Getting ranked in Google maps in search results for local searches is hands down the biggest source of leads for our pest control clients. If someone searches for “pest control Houston,” the maps section will pop up with three businesses that Google deems necessary enough to rank for those terms.


Organic Search Listings

The organic section of Google’s search results displays underneath the map listings for local searches. We deem these necessary for any pest control company that wants leads. These leads are not paid listings and are ranked solely on Google’s search algorithms. This is not easy to achieve as so many pest control companies use SEO, but with the right system, the benefits are plentiful.

If you want to check where you stand in the rankings, you can use tools, or we can do this for you for free.

Vital Elements For Your Website

Title tags: include your main keyword and the city. The home page should have your brand name in the title tag if you sed a keyword-rich URL.


Meta Description: Each page needs a short summary that tells what the page is about and encourages people to click on your site from the search results.


 Header: Like a book where each chapter has a title, you want each page to have a title. The title is your main word. This keyword will also be used in the URL for sub-pages connected to that page.


Quality Content: If you scroll through your competitor’s website often, you will discover they all look and sound the same way. If you want your visitors to pick up the phone, you need to give them a reason.



Image Alt Tags:  Each image should have a proper alt tag that describes the picture and is keyword rich. We encourage Houston contractors doing SEO to use original photos as they let your potential clients know what to expect from your work, which can boost your leads and sales. If possible, embedding videos relating to your services will help your bounce rate. Guess who owns YouTube. You guessed right, Google! We’ve seen ranking increase significantly by having related videos embedded on web pages.


Internal links: This allows visitors to navigate your site easily. You want each page to link to the home and contact pages. It will also help to ensure your phone number is at the very top of each web page so visitors know how to contact you.


Hopefully, you have a list of keywords you want to appear for. If not, go to our keyword page or claim a free customized list by clicking the button above.


Once you have your keywords, you must create the message or content you want your visitors to read. Most websites are no more than a digital brochure with five pages – home, service, contact, about us, and a gallery of project photos or a glossary of bugs. But if you want to dominate the local search results, so people find you when they enter your keywords into Google, you need more than a brochure. You need a book!

We strongly suggest that you create a page for each of the services you offer and pages for each city you want to target. Our basic websites come with 15 to 20 pages of content for a reason. This may sound excessive, but it’s the only chance you can achieve front-page success.


Another critical point is that you want to ensure that each page contains only two major keywords per page. For example, if your list includes 60 keywords, you will need 30 pages of original content with a minimum of 1,000 words per page or a total of 30,0000 words, with your home page having a minimum of 1,500 words. After you’ve decided how many pages you will need based on the services you offer and the keywords list you created, you need to optimize the content for your website and write a message that doesn’t sound like every other website you’re competing against.

Responsive Pest Control Web Designs


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Revamp Your Pest Control Web Design 

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