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Pest Control Social Media


 Pest Control Social Media That

Attracts More Customers

  • Raise brand awareness.

  • Micro-target your ideal customers.

  • Build reoccurring revenue.


Social media for pest control companies has many benefits if you have an active presence. When your customers need your services, they’ll likely check Google first, but often, they will scan your social media next.

Social Media helps pest control companies to build their brand and reach their target audience. We focus on the main networks that will help drive your success while providing important information regarding your services to current customers. An online voice can help build a community of loyal customers and warmly welcome potential clients looking for your services.

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Howdy, I am Chynna and I handle social media for Pest Control Marketing Partners. Tired of spending money and not getting leads lets connect

Pest Control Social Media Strategy


Like any form of marketing, knowing what your ideal customers want and need is the first step to a successful advertising campaign.


Where you share your message and engage with your audience is nearly as important as the message itself. The leading social media platform for pest control is Facebook, but for commercial pest control, the top social media platform is Indeed.


The content you post on your pest control social media feed  should engage, educate, and promote your company consistently. Sharing relevant content and responding to customers when they reach out builds trust and shows them you care. We often see what could be a lead go unanswered for weeks.


The right type of social media advertising is a smart way for pest control companies to grow their business, as you can reach your ideal customers through strategic segmentation.

Our Social Media Process Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Funnel Strategy

  • Target customer  personas

  • Machine learning bid optimization

  • Ads shown to ready-to-book customers

Testing & Revising

  • Multiple ad formats & platforms

  • (Facebook & Instagram)

  • Custom visuals and ad copy

  • Targeted audience and messaging

Transparent Results

  • 24/7 reporting dashboard

  • Phone call, form submission, and online booking tracking

  • Strategy insights from your dedicated account manager

Pest Control Social Media Secrets Revealed!

When executed correctly, social media for pest control companies can be a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool that can replace many other forms of traditional advertising yet yield very similar results. However, some tricks to using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

 In this brief ten-minute guide, we will provide you the insights into:


  • The differences between traditional and social media for pest control

  •  How to increase your leads and ROI with social media advertising by 22%

  •  The best social media platform for pest control

  •  Social media retargeting



Don’t have the time to read our guide; we are happy to send you an electronic version or reach out to us by clicking the button below. Add in the message whether you want a copy or want to speak with Chynna about kickstarting your campaign.


Traditional Vs. Social Media Advertising


To comprehend the differences between traditional and social media for pest control, it’s essential to understand each concept fully.


Traditional advertising, occasionally referred to as offline marketing, relies on strategies used before the advent of the internet. This can include newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, TV and radio commercials,


Before the internet, business owners needed a solution that would allow them to compete against larger companies with deeper pockets. Social media advertising levels the playing field when pest control companies use the right strategies.



Traditional and social media advertising strives to build awareness of the services you provide your clients. They foster engagement and seek out potential customers; They can also be a tool for engaging with people who have used your services in the past and help you create a referral network.



One of the most significant differences between traditional and social media is that pest control companies can afford to compete for their market share. When done correctly, you can easily track your conversion and Return on investment.  

If you have ever worked with other advertising companies, you may have heard, “Now it’s going to take time for this ad to work, for people to see it enough before they start calling you ….” This is a lie. I didn’t use a soft version like “misled” or “misguided” because these agencies are suckering trusting business owners into spending thousands of dollars, waiting for people to have “seen your ad enough” before they start calling you. When you don’t see results, they expect you to give it more time, but the question that begs to be asked is: “when have I given it enough time?” Let me open your eyes to this fact. It doesn’t take long to see if social media will work for your pest control company.

It's A Trap!

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The Problem With Most Social Media for Pest Control

  • 34% of pest control owners said social media is not at all responsible for bringing them customers.

  • 7% believe that using social media is very responsible for bringing customers.

The problem with most social media for pest control owners comes down to your strategy and goals. A successful social media campaign aims for a business to build up a following by getting local people to “like” or follow their page and then interact with your following by providing educational and relevant content.

They aim to plaster your name on social media platforms, but just because someone is familiar with you does not make them more inclined to hire you. Today people want to know what makes you different than all the other options available to them, and simply putting your name, a pretty logo, or a clever slogan on the world wide web will not bring you clients. Now that we know the problem, let us look at our solution. 


The Solution

Instead of thinking of social media advertising like a phonebook or billboard, we approach it how business owners did in the 1980s. When a pest control business opened, they attended associations and local networking groups to plug into the community.

Some of the members of these networking groups would introduce them to their circle of friends, building up their referral network. Social media is the electronic, twenty-first-century version of social gatherings that allows you to network on a much grander scale.

 As the name implies, social media is a place to be social; This means that while people scroll through Facebook, they are there to have a human connection, learn valuable tips, and read thought-provoking stories. They are not there to see social media ads about pest control from a random company.  


Our solution is to build up your following by making your community see you as a source of information; once they need pest control services or know of someone who does, they will come to you, their “friend” on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Three Steps To Succeed At Social Media

SEO: Combined, search engine optimization and social media advertising boost pest control volume of leads with local rankings. With decades of data to back up our claim, our SEO packages include social media.


​​Social Media Retargeting: 


One of the most significant advantages of social media for pest control is retargeting.


Most websites are designed to hit only the last portion of the buyer’s journey. However, there is a process all prospective clients take, and not everyone who visits your website comes at the same stage. This is where social media retargeting can help. You have visited a website and then gone off their site to another platform like Facebook, where their advertising appeared. This is called retargeting and is still widely underused, which helps you gain an edge over your competition. 


Our social media manager creates cookies that track your visitors. When someone leaves without engaging, we follow them from your site to other platforms to cover the buying journey.  This allows our clients the highest return on their investment; the average click-to-ratio with retargeting is 10 X that of display ads. 


By creating social media advertising that retargets those clients, we have boosted our client’s conversion rate by 22% while decreasing the amount they spend to acquire a client. However, social media retargeting will only fall flat unless they have a lead magnet.


Lead Generation Magnet:


 When you work with PCMP, we create a lead magnet; this is an excellent tool for your website and your retargeting campaign. As a pest control professional, you have developed your knowledge and helped countless people. In every way, you are a leader; chances are, if more people knew about you, you would attract more clients than you would know what to do with; this would be a significant problem for a business owner to have, and we can make this happen.


Imagine having at your disposal your dedicated door-to-door salesman who worked around the clock, never taking a vacation or sick day. And you wouldn’t have to pay them. Like magic, you walk into your office, filling your inbox with people who want to use your services.  


The Social Media Platforms Pest Control Should Consider

Let us share some of the platforms available to help you establish trust with customers so they see another side of you that they can better relate to.



Facebook: Their chatbots allow you to interact with your followers.

 You join local groups to connect with your ideal audience by sharing information or jumping into conversations to share your experiences.




Tiktok: The latest social media platform has arrived; Tiktok adds a new follower to their social media channel every 8 seconds.


TikTok is a social media platform that allows pest control companies to create compelling videos and capture attention through fast-paced content. 




Instagram: A photo-based platform, making it a great place to share photos of your staff, and family and inspirational quotes.


With 80% of Instagram users following at least one of the business sites, generating traffic to your site becomes important if you wish to make your brand top SEO rankings.


YouTube: More Americans consume YouTube videos than cable television, allowing you the same chance larger companies have with TV and radio commercials.


Most smartphones can record and edit HQ videos, negating the professional camera and editing software requirement.


Twitter: While Twitter reaches fewer users than YouTube, it remains a strong signal for company branding and authority.


Some businesses create their own Twitter hashtags to keep up with updates from clients and colleagues that use the hashtag in their posts. This makes interaction incredibly simple.




Other Services

Are You Ready To Take Your Company To The Next Level?

Pest Control Marketing Partners can get your phone ringing off the hook with calls from people searching online for a company in your area. let us show you how!

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