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Measure & Track Your Efforts

In this final chapter, we will discuss how to pest control company can measure your SEO results. This chapter includes:


  • How to ensure you get traction from your website

  • optimization efforts

  • How to analyze your backlinks

  • How to track keyword rankings with actual search volume

  • How to measure conversions and be assured of your ROI

  • Reviewing Traction from On-Site SEO Endeavors




If you start a new exercise regimen, chances are you have a goal you’re trying to achieve; perhaps that’s to tone up, lose weight after all those treats over the holidays, or run a marathon. Every athlete knows how important it is to check in regularly to determine their progress. You want to be sure you’re doing the proper routine and the correct number of repetitions; otherwise, you will not reach your maximum potential and will waste time and energy.

Likewise, Pest control companies only succeed at SEO when they monitor their progress. Cliché, but true, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

When measuring your company website’s performance, we suggest using Ahrefs Site Audit. This is a cloud-based diagnostic tool (so there’s no software to install). It provides you with high-level reports on the health of your site. Those reports are filtered to display the most common technical issues. This is the most overlooked part of your pest control SEO formula.


Technical SEO refers to improving the technical side of your website, like site speed and loading errors. Still, they’re also sortable, allowing for significant customization and drilling down to the fine details. You can schedule your site’s crawls, providing you with a detailed progress report. Ahrefs is a paid tool, so if you’re looking for a free diagnostic, check out Google Search Console and Screaming Frog.

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Holding A Pest Control SEO Agency Accountable

As the owner of an SEO agency for pest control companies, I frequently see a need for link acquisition and the acquisition of low-quality links. As mentioned previously, off-page accounts for 70% of your entire strategy, so it’s imperative that this aspect of SEO be done correctly and on a routine schedule.

Even if you’re generating content and have a well-optimized site, without inbound link building, your visibility will more than likely suffer.


We first suggest signing up and getting an account with Ahrefs. I don’t have an affiliate link to offer, and I receive no kickbacks for making this recommendation. This is my professional opinion about the best tool for the job (measuring link acquisition). I primarily use this tool to evaluate backlinks’ quality and measure link acquisition progress. When evaluating the quality of a link, I look for:

  • The DR (Domain Rating)

  • I tend to look for the highest DR sites I can find and avoid sites with less than 30 DR.

  • The number of keywords indexed.

  • The number of keywords indexed.

  • The total backlinks

  • URL Rating


This considers internal and external links to give a weighted score (between 0 and 100) to a given page.


A thorough explanation of all of their metrics can be found here. On another note, one of the most effective tactics you can begin to put into practice is to actively keep track of your competitors and report business listings that violate the Google My Business guidelines. I’ve seen many cases where doing so resulted in an almost-instant ranking increase for the business that was following guidelines. By looking at these two metrics, you can get a rough idea of this website’s “link popularity” compared to the rest of the internet. Because, as a general rule of thumb, you want to get links from non-competing “popular” websites.


 Another thing I highly recommend you consider is how fast this website acquires new backlinks. In Ahrefs, a graph shows how many referring domains this website is acquiring over time. If that graph is plateauing – then the “value” of your link won’t really grow over time. There’s a good chance that this website will even be abandoned, and your link will sooner or later disappear.

But if the graph of new referring domains is going up, this website is gaining more and more popularity, so the value you get from your link will only grow over time.


These are the fundamental things that take less than five minutes to check. But if you want to go deeper in assessing the link quality of a website, there’s nothing better than digging into the websites that link to it. Domain Rating and Referring Domains may seem high, but these metrics can be manipulated. So, if something does not seem right – always dig deeper.

Tracking your keywords is essential for any campaign. You want to make sure that your efforts, both on-site and off-site, are having a positive impact on your SEO. Pest Control businesses that only measure reach their maximum earning potential.


Google Search Console is an excellent free tool that can give you a granular look at keyword queries, their impressions, and total clicks. However, it does not allow you to insert the keyword for which you’re striving to attain and improve rankings so that essential phrases can be lost in the midst of this clutter of data. That’s why our preferred keyword rank tracker is Agency Analytics.

Don’t Let An SEO Agency Send a Report with All Traffic Voodoo

When measuring traffic for an SEO campaign, your pest control company needs to look at your organic traffic. Often, agencies will send “all traffic reports,” but these can be arbitrary when measuring the impact of SEO implementation. If your report contains referral, direct, and social traffic, it’s very likely that the agency you’ve hired is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. SEO strategies are geared towards organic results, so the reporting should reflect that. Our tool of choice in this area is Google Analytics (free). Here are the main views you should use:


Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search (primary dimension: keyword)


Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search (primary dimension: landing page)


Audience > Geo > Location (primary dimension: city) > (secondary dimension: source/medium)


The first view will look at your organic traffic in the keyword queries that Google will provide. This information is limited, and you can get more answers within your Google Search Console.


 The second view provides a look at the destination URLs that are generating the most organic traffic. Sometimes a report may show a spike in organic traffic. However, it’s important to measure where those spikes occur: if they happen on a page without the proper intent, they’re unlikely to result in new clients or higher earnings. As I have continued to say, to drill home the point- it does not matter what your ranking or the reports show; the bottom line always comes down to you must acquire new customers.


 The third view lets you look at the city where search sessions originate. Not to belabor an obvious point, but you want your SEO efforts to impact your actual locale. If your organic traffic is increasing in Houston, but you are located in Los Angelo's, this is of little value to you or to your company.

Pest Control SEO Return on Investment

Everything we’ve covered is a leading indicator for what’s most important to you: conversions (or new customers and more revenue). It doesn’t matter how optimized your site is, how many backlinks you acquire, etc.: if you aren’t getting new customers, you won’t stay in business.

The real question is, how do you know if your SEO efforts are affecting your conversions?

We recommend the following primary methods: tracking your contact form submissions and the number of phone calls you receive using call tracking, such as Call Rail. This tool costs but will allow you to monitor your calls and conversations. Whomever you have allowed to answer your phones should ask, “How did you hear about us” over time, you will begin to see a pattern, so you know what is and is not working.


Using Phone Call Conversion Tracking


In principle, tracking conversions from phone calls is a relatively simple task. The goal is to take different phone numbers you own and task them to different purposes, allowing you to track the success rate of calls coming into each.


There are two ways to set up call tracking: static and dynamic.


Static call tracking involves using a single number for all website interactions, while dynamic takes a pool of numbers and assigns them individually to each referral source.

We recommend dynamic call tracking simply because it allows for a much more detailed breakdown of the data. The caveat to this recommendation is that the wealth of data generated by dynamic call tracking can be overwhelming if it isn’t managed correctly, so you’ll need to be sure to filter out repeat callers and referral sources to get an accurate look at your conversions.


 Google Analytics Goal Tracking


While valuable and accurate, Goal Tracking through Google Analytics requires fine-tuning in the setup phase. Here’s how you set it up:


While logged into Google Analytics, click on Admin > Goals > New Goal > then fill in the “Name” field and click the box marked “Destination.” This goal will resolve on a “Thank you” page after a contact form is successfully submitted. Google will log a conversion once prospective clients enter a contact form and are then redirected to the “Thank you” page. The “Thank you” page is the destination URL.

 Track the Best Pest Control Keywords

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