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Want to rank higher and get more leads from SEO but aren’t sure if you can handle it if you should hire a pest control SEO firm to work with, or how much you should spend?

Most business owners or their staff don’t have the time or interest to maintain the work required for ongoing SEO. That’s why many owners hire experts who take over the reins and handle implementing the strategy for you. You can’t just Google SEO for pest control and call it a day. You need to know how much to budget and how to evaluate an SEO service provider.

We’ll explain all that to you and provide our honest opinion. 

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Generalist vs Pest Control SEO Firm

As the owner of a pest control company, it can be a challenge to keep your phones ringing and your technicians busy. If you’re like many of the business owners we know, you have probably sought help from an SEO provider in the past that made a lot of promises, but delivered mediocre results at best.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with a marketing company that understands the pest control industries. At Pest Control Marketing Partners, we’re not jacks of all trades–we’re industry experts! We know what works and what doesn’t as outlined in our Ultimate Guide to Pest Control SEO.  


Our team has spent time crafting the best strategy and we focus on your return on investment rather than ranking. That’s why we are the only SEO agency on the planet that stands behind our services with a ROI Guarantee! If we do not double your investment in our strategy, you don’t pay us another penny until we do; it doesn’t get simpler than that. But if your still unsure if you should take the next step let us give you a few things to consider before your pest control company hires an SEO agency. 

Budget Expectations


It’s critical to your success that you find someone with industry knowledge and a proven process; you can’t afford to be someone’s guinea pig as they attempt to figure out how SEO works. It’s far better to go with a team of professionals that knows the terrain.  A proven process means a return on your investment.


At Pest Control Marketing Partners, we start with budget expectations to get everyone on the same page. In the past decade, many so-called “experts” have popped up claiming to offer SEO services for pest control for less than $500, but not all strategies or firms are created equal. This is an instance where you get what you pay for. However, if your just starting off then get a copy of our book and implement our formula for yourself.


Several factors influence cost, including:


  • ​Current SEO efforts you have made before hiring a firm (such as existing organic rankings)

  •  The competitiveness of your local market (such as how many other pest control companies are competing for similar keywords in your service area)

  •  How aggressively do you want to pursue results?

  •  The most important thing about hiring an SEO expert in pest control is that your team should be ROI-focused, no matter what you pay for. Any marketing channel you subscribe to should be an investment, not an expense.


 Get Referrals to Find Trustworthy Partners

 As a starting place for finding best-in-class pest control SEO service providers, look for referrals. A referral from another company or someone you used to work with can reduce your research time by quickly connecting you with a top firm. When seeking referrals from people you trust, be specific with your talk about what’s most important to you. Getting traffic is a useless metric; if traffic doesn’t turn into dollars and cents, it doesn’t matter. Leads are the most valuable metrics to measure here, so ask your peers for specifics:

  • How many new customers did they get?

  • How much of a percentage increase in traffic did they get?

  • How much money did they save by outsourcing SEO work?


If what you hear from a referral source matches online reviews, that’s a great start.

 Track the Best Pest Control Keywords

Make Sure They’re a Good Fit


Possessing the skills to create and deliver an online campaign is only part of finding pest control SEO services. That’s just the baseline. For the best results, qualify an SEO partner by thinking through the following:

  • What does a good partnership look like?

  • How will you define success?

  • What services do you need, and which ones are not important?

  • How often do you want to receive reports or updates, and in what format?

  • Verify that a vendor’s offerings and style align with your goals.


Confirm they either deeply know your target audience or have proven systems to capture this information.


What results have they achieved in similar competitive markets?


Seek out performance-based pricing if you can. This gives you confidence in the SEO firm and gives them the incentive to deliver on what they promised.

Warning Signs To Watch For 

Contracts: You don’t want to get locked into a contract with an SEO agency that can’t deliver the desired results. It’s a waste of money and, more importantly, time. Lost time is an opportunity cost. You’re delayed while the competition keeps moving forward.


Lack of Communication: Before you hire any pest control SEO service, do your own research.

Check multiple review sites like Clutch, Facebook, and Google. If multiple other business owners give them high praises on SEO efforts, that’s a big sign that you’re on the right track to success. However, I must tell you that search engine optimization takes time. This is not pixie dust, magic, or a get-rich-quick scheme but hard work done consistently over time. There are a lot of agencies out there that are great at selling you on the dream but struggle to provide tangible results and transparent communication. You need to know what’s going on with your SEO campaign, and it should never be hard to get in touch with the firm or get answers to your questions.


A Focus on Vanity Metrics: It doesn’t matter if you get 2,000 clicks a month to your website if none of them turn into customers. Getting to the first page of Google for words people don’t enter into the search bar or for businesses in a town of 1300 people isn’t impressive either. Business metrics matter, not vanity metrics.

Here are some metrics a good SEO company should be talking about instead:


Disinterest in Your CRM or Tracking Results: You live and die by your CRM to track all critical client details. You shouldn’t have to track and store that information elsewhere just so your pest control SEO experts can track metrics. Both you and your SEO agency should be concerned about mapping results to your CRM. To track those all-important metrics listed above, your SEO agency needs to see data on potential clients who converted from a lead to paying customers.

They can’t track lead quality or show ROI if they don’t have access to your CRM and Google Analytics. If they’re unwilling or able to do this, that’s one more thing that ends up on your plate— generating revenue matters, not leads. If they are true SEO professionals, you shouldn’t have to be the one telling that, either.


 High Employee Turnover: Why is an SEO agency’s toxic work environment or poor leadership your problem? After all, results are results, right? High company turnover shows there might be major internal issues with the SEO agency. Since search engine optimization is a long-term investment, hiring a pest control SEO service agency with a track record of happy employees who stay with the company is best. If you spot multiple employees who have worked at that agency for a year or less only to transfer to a similar position elsewhere, there could be management problems. Those only causes problems for you, such as not knowing whom to get in touch with or a turnstile of new people who aren’t up to speed on what’s going on with your strategy.


You shouldn’t be forced to pay the price because an agency can’t manage retention issues.


No reviews? That’s a problem! If they’ve been in business for over a year with no one who can say anything nice, it raises the question, “Are people following the doctrine of ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Most business owners get excited when they see positive results rather than staying silent. Reviews that mention things like “we worked with them for six months and saw some results” should only raise more red flags.


 SEO is an ongoing effort, so either that agency didn’t understand how to structure campaigns properly or got fired midway through. Either way, that could potentially mean bad news for you, and is it worth the risk?


 When someone has a proven track record over the course of years and, better yet, when they can keep those customers over that same period, add that pest control SEO agency to your shortlist.

Overcomplicating Their Offerings: ​SEO is 80% strategy and only 20% actual execution, so it makes sense that some firms lean a little too heavily into the “Look how smart we are” direction. They’re trying to earn your business by using jargon or overcomplicating how SEO works. But you'll always feel like you're in the dark if they can’t explain it before you’ve even started. You deserve to know exactly what you’re getting and why when you’re putting your company’s rankings and credit card on the line.  Avoid anyone trying to make things more complicated than need be.

The Best Pest Control SEO Company in 2023

There are plenty of pest control SEO agencies that you could hire, and new players enter the game every day. Many agencies must live up to their promises of providing an excellent experience for their clients.

The good news? Pest Control Marketing Partners has been in this game for years, consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. And we don’t have to brag about it because our clients do that for us!


 If you’re ready to invest in SEO for your pest control company and become our next success story, we’re proud to stand behind our best-in-class services and systems. Contact us today for a free lead flow acceleration call to learn more about doubling and tripling your leads and revenue, or if it’s easier, give us a call at 469-685-2738.

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 If you’re ready to invest in SEO for your pest control company and become our next success story, we’re proud to stand behind our best-in-class services and systems. Contact us today for a free lead flow acceleration call to learn more about doubling and tripling your leads and revenue, or if it’s easier, you can schedule a call by completing the form below.

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