Pest Control SEO Without The B.S.

Choosing a pest control SEO agency can be can as frightening as riding an angry 1800 pound Bull.

This is why we do what no other SEO agency will, we remove the risk!

If We Do Not DOUBLE Your Marketing Investment Within 12 Months Or Less, You Don't PAY Us A Penny More Until we do!

Dear Business owner,


Think about this. Right now, in your service location your idea customer is looking for a solution to their pest control problem. Is your company anywhere to be found?


If your business is not coming up in Google screening, ads, map listing, or in the organic search results, you fail to exist.


Without pest control SEO it can be a wild, wild, ride to keep your phones ringing, your trucks running, and your employees loyal throughout the growing pains. In fact, if you’re like most of the small businesses we work with you have had to sacrifice your time, life, and freedom just to live your entrepreneurial dream, yet your business is not where you want it to be in some way, shape. You want more:


  • More Leads

  • More Work

  • More Profits

You may have tried to figure out how to do SEO for your pest control company or hired someone to do it for you, while they promised the world, they only delivered you a map! The only reason you haven't completely given up all hope is you have seen other SEO work for other pest control companies and you’re holding onto a sliver of hope that with the right team you can go from where you are now to where you want to be.


You've come to the right place!

What makes us any different than those other clowns in digital marketing?


We are the only agency bold and brave enough to take the bull by the horns and GURANTEE our pest control SEO agency will get you results in 8 months or less, or you won't owe us another red cent until we do (highly unlikely)

​What’s the hook? This offer won’t last forever!

We only take on a select few clients each quarter and offer our clients exclusivity.


Once we have committed to a business within your service area, we don't turn around and work with your competition.


While our team is ruthless with results, we have yet to figure out how to take two pest control companies in the same service area to #1 on Google!  Even if we could solve this mystery, would you really trust a Pest Control SEO Agency who works with your competition? 


Ask our competition, of they offer guarantees and exclusivity in writing? We guarantee they don't!


Now ask yourself, why? 

What services will our pest control SEO agency provide?

That is entirely up to your business needs, goals, and budget. At the ground level we offer create a customized web design, with SEO, We don’t want to waste your time with a flashy website that gets lost in cyber space and only a good detective could find. Our services include:

  • Creating a website that includes hosting and is viewable from any device, anywhere.

  • Keyword Research

  • Website Optimization (on all pages.)

  • Creating and Releasing Ongoing Content

  • High Value Backlinks

  • Optimized GMB Listing

  • Call Tracking and Recording

  • Reputation Management

  • Systematic Review Process


Or of your looking for more here is just a small sampling of our package:

  • Response marketing campaign

  • Design & Tested Pest control ads (PPC and Social Media Retargeting)

  • Google Screening Setup

  • Sales Funnels

  • Email marketing

  • Company newsletters


Get a Stranglehold On Your Service Area With Local SEO

 Our team of true pest control SEO experts will take the reins from here, ensuring your website is listed as a Google business, which is free of charge. We will make sure its set up correctly to include your contact information. However, we take it one step further and optimize your local listing with fresh content and photos added regularly, content maximization, and release a review process because these days a Google review is much like a trusted friend referring your business and giving their stamp of approval. We walk you through how to respond to each review including any that are less than 5 stars.


Next, we search the web with our inspection mirrors to ensure your website is listed where it can be discovered and if its currently listed that everything is in good standings.

Additionally, when you hire our pest control SEO agency to optimize your site, we will:

  • Make sure information is accurate on all platforms (if there are discrepancies from one place to another, we will fix them).

  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and easy to geo-target.

  • Allow searchers to find you in the SERPS and maps results.

  • Furthermore, we can include google screening ads or PPC (pay per click) as part of your pest control SEO package, to help people know where your site is locally when they click on these paid ads.

  • We can also deploy other organic search methods to help with our lead generating efforts.


There are numerous ways we can optimizing your site for a local searcher. We can do as many or as few of these as you would like us to do, and we will build a package suited for your business goals and budget.

What do the top listed pest control businesses in your area have in common?


  • They’re listed/claimed on Google Maps

  • Have plenty of reviews

  • Reference NAP and have plenty of citations

  • Solid link in their profile.

Never Accept Less Than 100 Proof

Thanks to you gals for a amazing website design & SEO for our pest control company we have got our website ranking at the top within 6 months!! We are crushing it. Great marketing company to partner with. Through every step they have impressed me on how professional and knowledgeable you are in pest control. I suggest you partner with them.

Larry Muller

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Revealing The 3 Little Secretes Pest Control SEO Agencies Wont (SHHHH!)

Every industry has its secrets. I am going to let you in on some insider information about the marketing industry that you will not hear anywhere else.


It is not uncommon to hear small business owners deem search engine optimization a complete waste of time and money. These days you can pretty much throw a stick in the air, and it will land on someone who has been ripped off by a SEO agency.

 There are three primary reasons why- run of the mill – business as usual- marketing agencies fail to get results.


Secret # 1 Failing To Capture Attention


Let me ask:


Would you rather have dozens of visitors to your website who never take actions (call, email, or complete a form on your website) or dozens of customers who come to your website, stop, listen, and respond?

While that may sound like a no brainer take a look online at your competitors websites. They may have different names, photos, and videos but the message sounds the same.


  • Your pest control solution is just one call away


  • The Most Dependable and Affordable Local Pest Control Exterminators 


  • We offer complete pest control services and solutions for your specific situation. 


When the same message is repeated over and over again like a broken record, who does the customer know to contact? The person searching for the services you offer already assume you have the solution. What the customer really wants to know is what makes your pest control company and your solution head and shoulders above the rest?


Looking at our example what makes this company the most dependable...?


How long have they been in business, what are their credentials, are they listed with the BBB, do they send out licensed technicians or certified licensed pesticide applicator?

Who knows?


Furthermore, who says they are dependable?


Do they have reviews from customers? Do they offer their customers local references they can call?


Saying your dependable without telling them why you are dependable is as useless as a glass hammer.

The reason most websites do not convert is the person doing your pest control SEO has no industry knowledge or experience.


If you are working with a pest control SEO agency how much time have they taken to get to know you, your business, your ideal customers, and your staff? 

Without industry knowledge and a working relationship, they are throwing darts in the dark hoping for a bulls eye but will always miss by a mile.


Most pest control SEO agencies are not in business for your success, but for their own. Until this is reversed they are going to struggle to deliver any value and you’re going to struggle to get results.

To Google content is King but you must write to your customers because unless the visitors that come to your website are motivated to become your customer, ranking are pointless. 

Here are a few of the things Google wants to know


Keywords: In order to know how to rank your site they need to monitor who your target customer is and how many times that keyword is being used.  


Just because your website ranks # 1 for “best pest control company on mars” doesn’t mean people on earth will find you, yet this won’t stop pest control SEO "experts" from declaring front page victory and charging you accordingly. 

Have you ever seen those ads on social media - Instantly get your website ranked for 30 keywords for the low- low price of just $ X - Now you know why! 


  • Where are those keywords located?

  • Are they sprinkled or saturated across the page?

  • How many words per page are needed to get into the top-ranking position?

  • Could you receive higher ranking if you used another word? 



Chances are if you were to ask the SEO agency handling your pest control for a full report of all the keywords you currently rank for and the ones you should and put those list side by side you will see most marketers only get mediocre results because they focus on ranking not results so they can show them off like a shiny new belt buckle.


Instead, we do what no other pest control SEO agency will, to deliver the results no other agency can. We use a scientifically tested SEO factors. With over 300 hypotheses tried and tested that works with a control and a variable we determine if we pass or fail.

Most other agencies go as far as testing their clients’ sites to perform what SEO actions to take next. This, in fact, makes your site their test subject.

Ranking only matter if they put dollars in your pocket, checks in your hands, and deposits into your bank account!


However, let me ask you a question, what return are you currently receiving from your pest control SEO? What is your ROI?  Chances are you have no idea and that ought to scare the dickens out if you!


Relevancy: Content relevance is all about writing for a specific goal and user. If you’re a pest control company who services Destin FL and your customer is looking for someone who offers pest control services in Houston TX that would be pretty irrelevant which would impact your relevancy score. 


Expert Quality: Does your website have enough information?


In most cases in order to rank on the front page of Google you need a minimum of 1,000 words per page


 There aren’t many people who can plop in a chair and bust out a 1000 word or longer blog post about pest control every single week in less than an hour unless they know it like the back of their hand.


Even on a subject I know such as pest control SEO its time consuming, if you read this entire article, it will take you 10 minutes. Guess what, it took me 21 times longer to write it!

Engaging: This can be writing about what separates you from the competition, sharing a story about your business, or a video that shows you working out in the field. Whatever you write needs to be more then what you do but where, when, how, and why. 


Without being a subject matter expert who know the ins and outs about your business this isn't possible.  


Let me ask: How well does the person in charge of your pest control SEO know about your business? How often do you speak to them (complaints don’t count) Do they know the name of your employees? Or how long you that right hand man has stood beside you? Do they know your goals? or anything about you? where you attended school, what your family is like, what your interest are?


I know your probably scratching your hand as to what this has to do with your pest control SEO results


A lot actually, people don’t buy what you are selling they buy from people they like, know, and trust.


Considering the person who is in charge of your pest control SEO the way you would your salesman. Does this make you feel confident or as scared as a stink bug being flicked off its perch?


A true pest control SEO specialist doesn't just drive you to the front page of Google they predisposition your customers to do business with you!


We just cover a very high level on- page SEO strategy, let’s look at how off page SEO should work.


# 2 Failure To Get Quality Backlinks


Off page SEO is about acquiring backlinks, consider this like you would a referral. 

There are a few ways to acquire backlinks and several ways that you should not as this can have an adverse effect on your rankings. Just ask anyone who has lost their ranking after a Google update like penguin. 

When you write fresh, relevant, and engaging content on a consistent basis you can turn weekly blog post into revenue. When people start to read and trust the information you share, they share it on their blog creating a quality backlink and another resource for getting leads. 


When people like and trust your business, this can also create a backlinks.


Let’s look at an example


Mike is really passionate about supporting his sons band and decides to create a scholarship for graduating seniors and shares the news with his marketer who creates backlinks by advertising the scholarship on websites killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 


or Ed, he has been volunteering his pest control services to a domestic violence shelter and writes a blog about why people should support such a worthy cause, every business loves referrals letters and at the end with nothing more then the name of this business and website he acquires a backlink. 

When you hire a client focused pest control SEO agency instead of a sales focused agency, they will leave your competitors in the dust, wondering why they can’t catch up!

Secret # 3 Technical Trouble


While people are often familiar with the on page and off page SEO, the most overlooked is technical SEO and without it your website will suffer. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo need access to your pages and if they can’t locate your page, they can’t rank it. Some of the key elements that make up technical SEO are


  • Robots.txt disallow

  • Meta tags (no index)

  • Error status codes (non 200 status)

  • Incorrect canonical tags

  • Non-indexable content

  • No links to a page

  • Broken links and 404 pages

  • Website security

  • Load speed

  • URL structures

  • Duplicate content


​While this may sound like a foreign language to put it in a nutshell technical SEO can make or break your entire pest control SEO strategy.


These days in order for your company to succeed in a cutthroat industry you can’t afford to miss one aspect or overlook the smallest of details just because it tough and time consuming.


Do the hard work and you will reap the results!

In fact, if you only implement these pest control SEO strategies, we just shared you will do better than many of the run of the mill marketers taking your money. 

Don't have the time to devote to digital marketing, or are you looking to double to triple your profits within 12 months or less by getting your pest control SEO, right?  Let’s Chat! 



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How Much Does Pest Control SEO Cost?

Of course, you want to know how much it is going to cost you for your search engine optimization services, but the honest answer is we don’t do anything around here that is a one size fits all approach. If your located in Tim-buck-to obviously it will cost less than a pest control company located in Houston or Chicago.


Our goal is to stop nothing short of first page rankings, for every prominent keyword in your targeted area. The price you are going to pay for pest control SEO to work on your site is going to depend on various other factors including:

  • How many services you offer and the frequency of services you want, consider marketing like the gas, and break of a car, do you want to put the pedal to the metal or cruise?

  • Organic and paid for services. Depending on whether you need paid ads such as Google Screening, PPC ads, social media retargeting, or a mix of organic and PPC pest control search engine optimization work, the prices for the packages we can set up for your business are going to vary.

  • The quality of your existing website. Depending on how well your site is already developed, you may only need to maintain your rankings. Or your website may need a complete overhaul, obviously this will incur a different price to get you the results you want. 

Pest Control SEO: Why it’s vital in 2022 and Beyond?


Google’s algorithms change approximately 600 times each year. What will remain consistent is you’ll still see Google Ads and more local city/state ads atop the rankings. With so much space being taken up by paid ads, is it still worth investing in pest control SEO? Absolutely, and here are a few findings that indicate why.

  • 71% of all clicks come from organic results (i.e., SEO)

  • 65% of all clicks are to the top 5 organic listings


With these facts, it’s easy to see why SEO is still relevant! If you have the budget for paid ads, add a few but the highest converting and most predictable leads will come from pest control SEO.


Here’s another simple example. Hypothetically, if you have issues with roofing, when you search Google for roofer near me, you’re likely going to go down to the organic results. Only about 14% of all searchers choose the paid ads. Most of us, are going to look for companies that rank organically as were credible and trustworthy. So yes, if you’re going to bet all your marketing dollars on just one tool, make sure its SEO for your pest control website in 2022.

Receive Your Free 5 Part SEO Report 

Receive a free SEO website report that is 100% customized to show you:

  • Where you rank: How many keywords you are ranking for and how many quality backlinks and how many are no follow links.

  • The top keywords in your service area and who is ranking there and the probability scale of beating them without assistance.

  • Health score of your website: Are there technical issues such as duplicate or low volume content,

  • Competitor strength: An overview of your competition and how you match up

  • Your Strength/Weakness: What needs to be repeated and what needs to be fixed in order to succeed.


Fill out this form to get you’re your free SEO Audit valued at $250.00 we will contact you within 48 hours either by phone or email to share your detailed report.

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