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Pest Control Marketing


Are you sick and tired of paying wasted dollars on leads from greedy lead vendors?  

Frustrated with marketers who over promise and under deliver?

Tired of door to door pest control sales giving you bloody knuckles?

If this sound familiar, then you have come to the right place.

Website Development

Get a fast, responsive, website with built in SEO that Google will love and customers can find. 

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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Have your website on the first page of Google for competitive keywords that makes your phone ring, delivers more leads, and watch your business grow in sales.

Pest Control Social Media Ads

Drive sales with our social media retargeting campaigns that not only make you more visible but saves you money by showing  your social media ads to the same website visitor that left your website

Door to Door Pest Control Sales Acceleration System 

 This system was designed to help you eliminate price shoppers, tire kickers, and low ballers, the only way this system fails is if you fail to implement it.

A Relentless Pest Control Marketing Strategy 



Have you ever wondered what be like to have a dominant presence that positions you as the local authority in pest control?

To have a flood of prospects that found you online and then contact you on a regular basis? 

To know that you were leveraging the internet to its full potential in terms of exposure, leads, and profits? 

 Feels as exciting as waking up on Christmas morning


Except without the credit card debt


Because if we don’t double your marketing investment within 12 months or less, you don’t owe us another dime until we do!


Now I can hear you screaming “Yippee Ki-yay”


Until ten seconds later your inner skeptic slams on the break


“It sounds too good to be true..."

The pest control industry in the United States has increased faster than any other industry overall with a market value of 16.9 BILLION dollars in 2021.


Someone is getting their slice of the pie; shouldn’t it be you?


But...we get it!


Pest Control Marketing Partners is the only marketing agency on the planet who has ever made an offer anything like this!


What’s the catch?


Before we tell you the catch, let us just ask you this?


Do you offer a service guarantee?


Why do so many business offer a guarantee, yet pest control marketing agencies don’t?


Hmmm…. maybe that’s a better question!

But for those of you still scratching your head and asking “Can this even be possible?”


Yes, we put it in writing and no we haven’t fallen off our rockers.


Here’s the catch

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Our Pest Control Marketing System
Is Only For A Limited Time!

Once we have a client in your same geographical service area, this offer ends


Your competition isn’t on our payroll.

With a 97% retention rate and month to month service agreements there’s a really slim chance they’re leaving. 

Your website is under your control, and we earn your business month by month, our clients stay for the results, not because the contract says so!

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Over 700 new searches within 120 days for his GMB and Website 


A clear win in Texas with over 46 K new leads in their 4th quarter.

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New client has 298 new visitors within 120 days of kicking off his SEO campaign

Don't Take Our Word For It Hear What Our Clients Say

Everything was completely prompt and professional. promptly, I had no problem trusting they had my best interest at heart, which for me is VERY important! 10/10 would recommend as a reliable and trustworthy source for all of your marketing solutions!

Our Pest Control Marketing System Is Not For Everyone

  • If your lazy, won’t follow up on leads, and do the dame work we can’t help you!

  • If you are looking for a purple pill, silver bullet, get rich quick scheme to make quick easy money our pest control marketing plan is not for you!

  • If your business is just being birthed (less than a year) on the brinks of collapse you have my sincerest best wishes, but this system is not for you (visit our door to door pest control sales academy)

  • If you are the bad apple of the bunch (every industry has them) who does shoddy work, uses unscrupulous and deceitful tactics or cheats trusting people just to get ahead – exit our website!

  • If you’re not willing to form a working partnership built on trust and transparency, hit the back button!

  • If you are uncomfortable with straight talk, adult language and can’t handle the truth, we won’t conform.


We're aggressive but would you really want a marketing partner that was anything less!

Who Are Pest Control Marketing System Is For?

  • If you and are willing to answer your phone, respond to emails, and take on as much work as you can handle, this is why our pest control marketing system was created.

  • If your tired of mediocre results, have been burned by marketers who don’t get you or the industry, lets chat!

  • If you have been handling your marketing but do not have the time to continue trying to run a business while meddling in marketing and you are ready for a partner who can scale your business, then you have come to the right place!

  • If you’re willing to listen and learn in order to grow and will allow us 100% creative freedom to take your business from where you are now to where you want to be- were the team to do it!

  • If you feel like every day is a constant grind to attract new customers and are ready to have more time, more freedom, and more money- welcome to Pest Control Marketing Partners!

Free One On One Strategy Session

Okay, Sounds Good But…

How Can You Guarantee To Double My Pest Control Marketing Investment?

That’s a fair question, and here is the unadulterated truth

Unrivaled Industry Knowledge: Most agencies are run of the mill, business as usual, jack of all

trades agencies- we’re true industry professionals.

Long before we opened Pest Control Marketing Partners, we spent time in the industry which has provided us with a unique perspective that even other pest control marketing agencies lack.


With “insider” intelligence we eliminate the guessing game to deliver our clients leads like clockwork. 

Our pest control marketing plan has been proven to work time and time again.

We simply implement the system, and you reap the results.

Perfect size: Our clients success is our top priority, for this reason we are intentional with the number of clients we take on per month. In remaining nimble this allows us to get to know your business. When you know a business you can create original content, quality backlinks, and superior results.

Cutting edge: We utilize all the latest technology and speak Google and social media fluently. Once a month we meet with you via Zoom to ensure you remain in the loop and know where your marketing money is being spent. In addition, we use call tracing, this tool allows us to monitor your calls and helps your sales rep close more deals.


**Zoom meeting are mandatory, our skins in the game too**

Free One On One Strategy Session

What's Inside Our Pest Control Marketing System

Website built for conversion not just traffic:  Our websites are designed to not only send traffic but messages that compels customers to take actions. 


Listen - the problem with most pest control website designs is not traffic - its conversion!

You can have people come to your website but unless they call, send an email, or fill out a form, to become a lead then the rest is nonsense! 

Learn more about our pest control website designs

Social Media Retargeting: ​Most social media ads don’t pack much of a punch because they are sent to people who may or may not need your services. Instead we use social media retargeting that sends your ads to people who have already expressed an interest in your services. Makes much more sense, right? 

Here the typical plan most marketers execute. They drive customers to your website and they consider it a success regardless of where the visitors become a lead or not. The truth is most websites only convert 8% of visitors who spot a mouse crawling across the floor and call in a panic. With our content we triple that. Still in yet what about the other 80%? This is where social media retargeting serves its purpose best. We hit your visitors with everything we have until they either become a lead or their window of opportunity closes, which is about 30 days. 


Imagine how many more leads would flood in if you followed them throughout the buying cycle?


Email & Response Marketing: Having an effective email and response marketing program undergirds EVERY successful pest control marketing strategy. This is like door to door pest control sales on steroids!


Local Listing Domination​: If you do a search right now for “pest control in (city) ” you will notice there are four sections that appear on Google front page, this is the destination everyone is aiming for but very few achieve. 

Listen, and I'll tell you why. 

The top portion of first page is reserved for google screening this is for companies who have been vetted through Pinkerton, a background and insurance verification company that Google employees. No worries were champs at getting you through this pain-free.

The second area is for those who choose to set up Pay-per-click, this is the fastest way to get to front page but set up incorrectly pest control ads its the fastest way to burn money. 


Next you will see google business listing, this is where customers go to read your rave reviews, see the address of your business and phone number with a link to your website. 


Google claims that GMB is the most influential source for new customers searching for the services you offer outside of your website.


Yet most business owners do not have their GMB optimized or a system to build reviews.

And folks its free, but most people are either busy or it can be a little confusing. In fact most marketers don't even take the next step after verification and optimize the listing because you don't know, what you don't know. 

Last on front page is organic listings, and most customers agree to save the best for last and trust businesses who appear here and in maps more than PPC or Google verification. There are several reasons as to why, but we can cover all that later. 

Okay now as promised, why most people don't show up on Google front page, there are actually two reasons.

#1: There's a lot of traffic, it’s like sitting in LA at rush hour, when everyone is trying to go the same place, you better know what you’re doing. 


#2: Most people take one shot when there are 4 pathways, they'll either do PPC or half ass SEO because they fail to do GMB.


The way to get to front page is employing as many tactics as your marketing budget allows. If they choose pest control SEO then we create massive content, killer backlink and completely optimize your GMB listing. Then we create a system to ensure you get as many reviews as possible and review management so that each review is responded too appropriately and in a timely fashion, this includes any that are les then 5 stars.


If your budget allows we work with you to set up Google Guarantee, unlike PPC with Google Guarantee you only pay for the leads you receive instead of clicks that don't count. Once everything is dialed in and leads  are pouring in like a Hurricane coming off the coast, we turn it on full blast with PPC ads. Wherever your customers look on first page, there you will appear and your competition will wonder what happened and why they cant keep up!

Transparency Reporting: Everything is designed and done for you so you can focus on serving your customers and hiring new helpers, while we will focus on serving you. Once a month we sit down on a Zoom call and put dats to the actual results you are receiving from your pest control marketing. We listen to sales calls that we track to ensure their are no leaks that need to be sealed and plan for what's next to ensure your business hit each of your milestone we cover in our success strategy session. 

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What our free success strategy

session covers

* Most Agencies Change $500.00 *


Create A Keyword List. The list is based on your services, service area and search trends. We’ll use our industry leading tools to find the most searched for pest control keywords in your service area that will drive the most traffic to your website (Valued at $197.)

 Run a Ranking Report. You’ll see exactly where your company currently ranks online for those “money” keywords… that… will bring in hot leads as well as how many backlinks it would take to get you there. (Valued at $97.)


Website Review. You will receive a through website analysis and explanation of why your website is not ranking at the top of the search engines. More importantly, we’ll show you how to launch it to the top, so you can start getting the leads you need. (Valued at $97.)


Review Your Website Conversion. While visitors to your website are essential if you lack quality content your SEO efforts will fail to convert visitors. We will show you what may be turning visitors off.

 (valued at $97.)

 Your Local Pest Control Marketing Domination Plan.

We will outline the step-by-step process for how you can leverage the internet to its full potential in terms of more calls, leads and profits. This is not a “cookie-cutter” plan, it’s a business blueprint.

Act Fast! What Are You Waiting For?
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