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Need Exclusive Pest Control Leads?

Our Lead Letter Program Guarantees to deliver pest control leads within 30 days, or it’s free!

Do you need pest control leads that convert into sales? Then you have come to the right place. At Pest Control Marketing Partners, we are a hybrid agency focusing on lead generation for the pest control industry using online and offline strategies.

If you are like many of the pest control companies we have worked with, you’ve heard of pay-per-click or Google ads; this is our alternative to deliver our pest control clients’ leads.  Better yet, we remove the risk by allowing you to try out our program for 30 days, and if your pest control company receives no leads, we refund your money.

Here is how pest control lead letters work:

  • Targeted Mailing List

  • Customized Design

  • Persuasive Copywriting

  • Printing

  • Hand-addressed envelope

  • First Class Postage


Click on the button below to receive exclusive pest control leads with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Although digital marketing and SEO have become more prevalent in the pest control industry, the success of lead letters has remained strong. In certain cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami where it can take time to climb the search engine result pages, pest control lead letters expedite the process and get your company customers in weeks, not months.

Our pest control leads are highly targeted, so your budget is spent more effectively to reach people than you would spend to run a pay-per-click campaign.

The cost of getting pest control leads is more predictable and less expensive than other types of marketing. Furthermore, it has an immediate impact. Our lead letters are set up and sent out quickly, and your business receives calls within days of your letters being mailed.

Why Pest Control Lead Letters?

The Facts

Pest Control Lead Letters

  • 100% Exclusivity; These leads

  • 90% Open Rate

  • 29% is the average return on investment from direct mail marketing.

  • 39% of people will try a new business they have not heard of after receiving a direct mail advertisement.

  • 70% of people surveyed said they felt more valued when a business sent them a letter than a postcard. 

  • 75% of people remember a business brand after receiving a letter.

  • Direct mail marketing has a 783% better response rate than email marketing.



pest control leads.jpg

Dear Ambitious Business Owner, 

Greetings, if you run a pest control company and need leads, this letters for you. 

If you need help keeping your technicians busy? If you are tired of worried about paying overhead and wondering where your next lead is coming from, I've got a solution!


I am the owner of PCMP and here to help your business be ahead of other pest control companies in your area. Buying leads is an investment that you should pay attention to. When you create a website or come up with a business listing on Facebook or Google, your ultimate goal is to generate leads, but sometimes this takes time, or you can spend money and get no tangible return on your investment.

Instead of going through all this I will provide you with pest control leads now and if I fail (highly unlikely) then you get your money-back. Sounds crazy but as  a former business owner, I have been in your shoes. I know what its like to struggle and that if you don't have pest control leads you wont stay in business long. ; nothing is more important, but trusting someone to send them to you is scary. Who will not rip you off? Whom can you trust? We can tell you it’s us, but trust should be earned, not freely given; this is why I am offering you my personal guarantee. If your pest control company does not get at least one lead from every 200 letters we mail, we will refund your money. It’s a win-win for us both; you get the leads, we both make money, and we start this relationship off on the right track!

However, with that said, here’s the caveat- we offer exclusive pest control leads; this means we will not turn around and sign up another company in your area, so once we are working with a client in your area, were exclusive there’s. With our track record and a 97% retention rate, chances are this opportunity will be gone if you don’t respond to this message now!

Lets Chat,

Melissa Emerson

Questions & Answers

What are exclusive pest control leads?

We work on behalf of your company and don’t share your leads with multiple other companies the way some lead gen providers do. A lead does not become a bonified lead until the person receiving the letter takes action (phone call, email, visits your website, and completes a form)


Can I send letters and get the same reply?

Possibly, if you have studied Dan Kennedy as intently as we have and written thousands of letters, know how to split tests, and have the time to hand address. Stuff and seal each envelope; go for it!


Why not PPC for my pest control leads?

There are several reasons, but here’s the biggest reason, click, and web traffic does not always lead to sales; you will still need to convince people why you’re the right company to hire.


How much do pest control leads cost?

This depends on how many leads you need; our smallest campaign is 250 letters per month.

Although digital marketing and SEO have become

Do you offer other types of pest  control leads?

Yes! We are a hybrid marketing firm offering both online and offline service. 

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Want More Leads and Sales?

Let us show you how to take your pest control company to the next level!

Click the button below to schedule a 1:1 free lead flow strategy session 

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