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Stop Wasting Time and Money!

Pest Control Facebook Ads That Work.

  • Are Facebook ads right for your company?

  • Need help managing paid ads yourself?

  • Been burned by a pest control Facebook Ads agency in the past?

  • Unsure if you’re getting any new clients from Facebook?

At PCMP, we offer a smarter way to attract new clients through pest control Facebook ads. Our funnel approach has been tested and proven to get your company in front of the right people, raise brand awareness, and turn strangers into paying clients.


Howdy, I am Chynna, and I have managing social media for PCMP since 2017. My favorite channel is Facebook


I know how to help you, so let’s connect!


Our Proven Strategy To Make Your

Phone Ring

Funnel Strategy

  • Funnel Strategy

  • Target customer personas

  • Machine learning bid optimization

  • Ads are shown to ready-to-book customers.

Testing & Revising

  • Multiple ad formats & platforms (Facebook & Instagram)

  • Custom visuals and ad copy

  • A targeted audience and messaging

Transparent Results


  • Reports whenever you need them.

  • A phone call, form submission, and online booking tracking

  • Strategy insights from your dedicated account manager


Pest Control Facebook Ad Services 

  • Strategic “look-like-my-ideal-customer” ad targeting

  •  Facebook remarketing (or retargeting)

  •  Compelling and creative Facebook ads

  •  Optimizing ad spending based on Facebook.

  • High-impact landing pages designed to convert.

  •  Call tracking and recording.


Supporting Services

What Is Pest Control Facebook Advertising

As the owner of a pest control company, you are likely aware that Facebook ads can be beneficial if you have an active social media presence. When your customers need pest control, they’ll go to Google first, but most of the time, they will scroll through Facebook next. Therefore, advertising gives you an online voice, can help build a community of loyal customers, and offer a warm welcome to potential ones.

  • Pest Control Facebook ads are one way to promote and increase your posts' reach through paid campaigns on social media.

  • While your business can (and should) manage an organic Facebook strategy, only the tiniest fraction of your followers will see what you post.

  • With a paid strategy, you can target and get in front of an audience that matches your ideal patient's interests, needs, and demographics.

Over 20% of people turn to Facebook when choosing a pest control company. Advertising on Facebook is about showing up to the right people at the right time.


How to get the most out of your Pest Control Facebook Ads

Our team has tested and analyzed the best Facebook strategies. It takes the right budget combined with a comprehensive and targeted approach:


  • Features high-quality original images and videos.

  • Maximizing Facebook’s ad-targeting capabilities

  • Writing compelling ad copy

  •  A/B testing your ads — both text and image ads

  •  Deploying our proven Facebook ad funnel strategy


When correctly done, Facebook advertising is an excellent investment for the average cost per click for pest control, Facebook ads cost between $1-$5. Even better — Facebook provides sophisticated performance data so you can know your exact return on investment.

Pest Control Facebook Ads Its A Win-Win!

Good for Customers

  • Catered to their interests.

  • Helpful and compelling

  • Great user experience

Good for Business

  • Precise targeting

  • More high-quality website visitors

  • Positive impact on SEO

Are You Ready To Take Your Company To The Next Level?

Pest Control Marketing Partners can get your phone ringing off the hook with calls from people searching online for a company in your area. let us show you how!

Click the button below to schedule a free 1:1 lead flow strategy session. 

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