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Pest Control Brand That



and cut through the noise if you want to stand out. The market is saturated with businesses, and

the internet is flooded with hundreds of new websites every minute.


How do you separate yourself

From The Competiton



You Have To Create A Pest Control Brand

People Remember


At PCMP We Do Just That

Our Pest Control Branding Process


Discovery Call

We get to know you, your idea customer, and your competitors  in order to make the most informed  recommendations.

We will also do our homework to determine the best position for your company.

Strategize & Produce

We design a logo to represent your pest control brand visually use visual design and storytelling to achieve your main goal: get visitors to click, call, and schedule their service. 

Share Your Differences

Your biggest marketing advantage is your difference, we will articulate this on your website and printed materials so that it tells people who you are and why you do it in a way that resonates with your target audience.


Pest Control Branding 101

Do you want to attract customers looking for a pest control company in your area? It starts with an unforgettable brand. We’re not only talking about having a creative logo for your work truck. We can create one or even a clever tagline or an attractive color scheme. These are just small steps on a journey of 100 miles.


Pest control branding works best when it encompasses your “personality” in every aspect of your marketing, from how your staff answers the phone to a customer’s virtual visit to the website. So it acts as an extension of your brick-and-mortar office.  This guide is everything you'll need to know, and more about pest control branding and the shift you can and should make so your business becomes the go-to when people need your services.


In this guide, we cover:


  • The problem with traditional branding


  • How to create a pest control brand that allows you to charge premium prices.



Traditional Pest Control Branding

When people think of phones, shoes, and soft drinks, brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple come to mind. Traditional branding has worked well for them. However, traditional branding is not suggested for local pest control companies Here’s why:










The first problem with most pest control brands is the cost; most companies need somewhere close to the branding campaigns these companies run. In 2020, Coca-Cola spent 193 MILLION dollars in advertising, and Nike and Apple spent almost the same. Many pest control companies do things such as



  • Billboards

  • Tv & Radio Commercials

  • Social Media



While none of these things are inherently bad, the cost to join them at the table is enormous. Do you really want to take the risk to play their game? Or do you want customers?


​Familiarity Is Not Trust (people do business with people they like, know, and trust- not companies)


Consumers have become savvier with the way they choose to hire service providers. This means they need a better reason to hire you to kill mickey mouse than a flashy billboard on Interstate 45 that chances are they won’t remember at 3:00 am when they see that pesky cockroach crawl across the floor.


While pest control brands establish familiarity, just because people are familiar with you does not mean they trust you. And if you have not established trust with them, they won’t be inclined to do business with you any more than they would another company that can protect their business or home from pests.


Why Branding Is Difficult To Track (know your ROI)


The problem with traditional pest control branding is that it’s difficult for you to track your return on investment. If you spend thousands of dollars promoting your business, you must know what works and doesn’t. A billboard ad to promote your brand may receive 1,000 views daily, but that’s not the information you need to know. You want to know how many calls are coming in from your marketing campaigns and what revenue you are receiving.  One of the most frustrating things is not knowing what campaigns are working so you can stop the money pits that aren’t. 


Our clients should have paid more attention to their ROI before working with us. They didn’t know how to track their ROI, and the agency they hired wasn’t keeping up with the information. It’s not enough to divide the number of new customers by how much money you spend. This will not tell you what’s working. Did your new customer come from your website or a referral? Did they call you because you were the closest service that showed up on Google maps? If they came from any of these tools, you could not count them as ROI from a billboard campaign.


Someone once said, “I know half the tools I am using to grow my business don’t work; the only problem is I don’t know which half.”




​A Better Idea!

Personally Infused Pest Control Branding









The worst feeling in the world is having to lay off technicians because your phone isn’t ringing or your website isn’t performing. We can do something about that! Let’s get started with a few thought-provoking questions:


What makes you different?

Chances are there are many pest control companies in your area. It’s easy to focus on the national giants, but it’s more important to focus on you. There are many giants because there aren’t many people like David willing to take a risk, stand apart, and forge their path. Instead, most people choose the easier route and follow it, but those who do sink into sameness. You stall your growth when you fail to position yourself as the top contender. But you change the game when you stop falling into the sea of sameness by doing what everyone is doing.


Who is your ideal client?


What type of customers do you want to serve? Being a jack of all trades and a master of none isn’t going to cut it these days.  Niching down can be scary; we know we did it, but it allows us to focus on who and what we do best. Remember why you opened a business in the first place and shape your pest control brand around catering to your ideal client.

What’s your purpose?

Every part of your pest control brand should reflect your mission and vision online and offline. Your mission is a building block, encompassing why your business exists and why people should choose you over the competition.

How do you want people to see you?

Visually Appealing- The visual design can occur now that you have your ideal customer, you’re “why” or mission statement, and what makes you different from the other options. Most people put this at the top of their list but don’t skip the other steps. The visual look of your pest control brand includes your logo, color pallet, font style, and different aesthetics that you want to showcase on your website and literature.  Remember that this is often the first impression people have of you, so make it count!


 The Voice Of Pest Control Branding


 When people think of you, will they hear you roar like a lion or squeak like a mouse? If your website were a movie, would it be acceptable for all viewers or rated PG for language? The word kick-ass isn’t something I would want my grandson to hear. A head being ripped off by a giant, not so much. Think of what your website and literature sound like. Most businesses want to communicate professionally, but what does your ideal client want to hear? Your brand is a living, breathing asset and should be managed as such.


A part of this is reflected in the language and design; colors have meanings. This is why many major brands use blue and red. Blue is a symbol of trust wear is red is engagement. Pink is often equated to femininity, whereas black is dignity and sophistication.


Once you have chosen the look and sound of your brand, it’s time to get feedback by conducting an A/B split test to see how people engage with your new brand; once you know it has been well perceived, it’s time to show it off to your community.


Are You Ready For A Powerful Pest Control Brand That Generates You Money?


When you work with our pest control branding expert, you won’t get the same boring, dull business card website. We don’t do mediocre, superficial, or “good enough”; instead, we pull you out of the sea of sameness and establish you as the authority.

Contact us today to learn how to get your local customers to stop, look, and listen to the message you want them to hear.



Pest Control Branding Q & A


Q. How Much Does Pest Control Branding Cost?


​A. The average cost for rebranding a business ranges between $150-350 per hour, whereas a new startup can expect to spend between $2500 to $4500.00. These totals depend on the specific goal, geographic location, and contract length. However, Pest Control Marketing Partners has excellent news! Each client subscribes to our SEO service and receives a pest control brand in their packages at no extra cost. If you are a start-up who wants assistance without search engine optimization, then we charge $200.00 per hour, with our average client spending $1500.00 for the following services:



  • Brand visualization and strategy

  • Launching a new or rebranded website

  • Creating a logo 

  • Competitor analysis



Q. What services do you offer?

In addition to digital marketing, we also offer business cards, brochures, videos, and photographs for your website. 


​Q. How long does it take to create my new brand?


 Every design we create is not done overseas, nor do we take a copy-and-paste approach, so our websites take approximately 45 days, or if photography is in your package, 60 days. For printed materials, we have a 2 to 3-week turnaround time.

pest control branding.jpg

Want to see what the
PCMP Branding 
can create for you?


Pest Control Web Designs


The best pest control brand is more than just logo design and pretty colors (although that’s part of it!) Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have to communicate with your potential customers and get them excited to hire you.


Pest Control SEO

SEO drives traffic to your website.
Creative gets it to convert. Without SEO your business will stayed buried in the search engine result pages and your brand will never see its targeted audience. 

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At Pest Control marketing partners, we know how to get creative. Your brand is in great hands with our talented designers and writers, whose mission is to amplify your message and make you stand out of the crowd. 

Ready to get creative? Welcome To The Jungle!

Creative Pest Control Brands

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