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The Unadulterated Truth About Pest Control Branding

Look around the web for a pest control branding agency and this is what you will hear

You need pest control branding because...

1. Branding allows clients to distinctly remember you, really? Do you recall the last logo, tagline, or even the name of the HVAC guy you hired last summer?

2. Branding attracts "potential" customers, why not just skip POTENETIAL and get down to what pays the bills!

3. Pest Control branding build emotional connections, you mean to honestly tell me that cute little logo or slogan is going to make people feel emotional, see how that works on your wife the next time she wants to emotionally connect! 


1. More Leads

2. More Jobs

3. More Money

If this is not what your looking for feel free to hit the back button, if your still here

get ready to read the most exciting letter you've heard this year

Dear small business owner,


Let me let you in on a marketing secret, most marketers love to sale pest control branding…

Because this is not something they can be held directly responsible for the results.

Before we go any further lets fully understand

What is Pest Control Branding 

Pest control branding is to make your company so well known that you are the first name that comes into people minds when they think about fleas, mosquitos, ticks, rats…. pest!


  • The guys in green

  • The team in red & white 

But both pest control companies have spent millions to reach this pinnacle of success and its been a long hard road. 

Most small businesses don't have the time or funds to waste 


Have you ever worked with a pest control branding agency who specializes in Facebook ads  and been told...

 “Now, it’s going to take time for this ad to work, for people to see it enough before they start calling you.”


They sucker you into spending hundred if not thousands of marketing dollars, month after month while you sit by the phone waiting for it to ring. 

As a business owner who became a marketer, I use to tell these obnoxious salesman 

“I am not signing a contract and if my ad doesn’t preform right away, I’m pulling it.” Then they would stutter and try to come up with some clever excuse.

Many business owners are not aware that it's even possible to market their business in such a way they get immediate results.

For every dollar spent $2.00 is earned


You would have to be crazy as a Bessie bug to not snatch this offer

But before I tell you how lets talk about why:

4 Secretes You Should Know About Pest Control Branding 


The most important thing in business is getting new customers and retaining the ones you have.


Over 50% of businesses fail and in the list of top ten reasons were not: 

  • cute slogans and flashy logos

  • videos and photos 

  • newspaper ads 

  • trucks wraps

  • Billboards along the interstate

  • Cold outreach Facebook ads

  • websites that even a good detective couldn't find


The reason most businesses fail is lack of capital ( money comes from sales ) and overblowing their marketing budget ( see the list above) but don't take our word for it, visit a far more credible source the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


Pest control branding is not inherently bad but if you are looking to grow and scale your business.


# 1 Pest Control Branding Doesn’t Sale S#*t !

People won’t see your fancy logo, crew photos, amazing videos, and snazzy slogans without having a way to drive people to your website!

Those trucks with the fancy wraps and cute bugs on the side are going to be parked if you don’t have a way to get more work! 

 # 2 Pest control branding doesn’t build trust

Pest control branding works to establish familiarity but familiarity is not trust. Just because people are familiar with you, does not mean they trust you.

Do you know how many people ask, “Is the green team worth it”? 1170 people type this phrase into Google each month!


This is because branding leaves too many unanswered questions in the customers mind.


  • Who will show up on time?

  • Who will do a good job?

  • What’s their solution to my bug problem?

  • What type of chemicals do they use?


When you leave questions in your customers minds this leaves a crack for the competition to slide through. Its like leaving money on the table!


How do David (you) beat Goliath ( giant pest control brands)by changed the game!


Listen up- we will tell you how

Customers need to know not only what you do but why and how you do it!  


# 3 Pest Control Branding Is Expensive

The way pest control marketing should work is that it delivers at least $1.00 for every $1.00 you spend.

It’s not an expense but an investment.


This is why we say pest control branding is expensive, there is very little ROI.

Here’s an example of pest control branding 

  • Billboard Ads

  • Painting all your service trucks the same color or truck wraps

  • Investing in expensive new trucks for the purpose of impressing their customers

  • Running TV ads and radio commercials

  • Paid pest control ads that don’t retarget or have a sales funnel.


None of these things are negative but here’s the deal, people need a better reason to buy from you.

Pest control branding doesn’t work well to build a small business and it’s a very long difficult and expensive path to take. 


# 4 Pest Control Branding Is Difficult To Track


If you are going to invest $1000.00 then I would assume you really want to know what is working for you and what is not.


Let’s use your trucks as an example


Is your pest control branded truck making your phone light up?


Are people doing business with you based off your truck?

Now what if you had taken this $1000 truck wrap and stuck it into a plan that made you $2000 ?

Which way would you have preferred? 


With pest control branding its difficult to accurately track what’s working and what’s burning money.


Now if you want to brand your pest control company in this way because your established and you have deeper pockets then go for it!


We are simply suggesting if you have not found a way to consistently generate sales your pest control branding should be a second thought. 


A man once said


“I know half the marketing I do doesn’t work, the only problem is I don’t know which part”

Our Solution To Pest Control Branding

Direct Response Marketing

Many people are not familiar with this form of marketing, most digital marketers don’t subscribe to this channel, and few people use it correctly. 


For those few who do it puts our customers you light years above the rest.


This type of marketing has been around for many, many years.

It’s the cornerstone of being able to quickly build a six or seven figure pest control company

Direct marketing makes many business owners shy away from it because at the surface it seems silly, flashy, or "unprofessional"

But here's the thing 

When its done correctly IT WORKS! This is the only thing that matters.


The reason why it works so well is that it gives people a reason to do business with you rather than your competition


pest control branding or name recognition is for the purpose of being the name someone thinks of when they need your services.


However  pest control branding does not answer the one question your customers want to know


What separate's you from the competition except that you are more visible! 

This is why we don't offer pest control branding and instead use DRM for our websites, paid ads, letters, and every form of marketing we release!

Lets look at a pest control branding example 


" Call the guys in the red trucks if you see a bug" 

Hmmm...why are the red trucks better then the white, green, polka dotted, trucks? 

I may see your ad for a red truck but you will still need to convince me to do business with you!

A good DRM pays for itself quickly and convinces the consumer beyond a reasonable doubt why they should do business with you before they even call! 

We are so confident in our approach We will let you try it risk free!


If we fail to deliver leads We refund 100% of the money you paid our agency!

  • No Set-up fees

  • No Copywriter Fees

  • No Development Fees

  • No Leprechaun fetching fees ( just checking to make sure your still listening)


The only thing you pay for is the mailing list and postage!


No were not talking about post cards or flyers still I know for some of you your inner skeptic is screaming “If it sounds too good to be true…”

Listen up buzz killers


Why are we offering a deal that you would have to be a crazy Bessie Bug to refuse…?


We reckon if we make an offer that sounds too good for us to refuse, chances are you may feel inclined to give us a shot at earning your business.


marketers seldom earn business, so it sounds as rare as free flowing traffic at rush hour 


But we came to disrupt the marketing industry and cant think of a better way to show you in action that we're true to our words! 

But If You Still Want Pest Control Branding- MOOve On! 

we wont hold it against ya this offer only for all those who....

pest control branding 2.jpg

Want More Leads Then You Can Handle?

Once you contact us, we will schedule a 60 minute session where we will discuss how many leads you want, identify what geographical areas you wish to target and discuss your business goals and create a unique USP that separates you from the others in your area. Then we implement plan and within a week of setting off this rocket the phones will ring, we guarantee it. 

Here's to all the success you have the guts to grab hold of,


Ps: We work with a limited number of clients per month, should we be filled you will be placed on our waiting list.

Melissa Emerson

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