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Author Your Most Powerful Pest Control Brand

And Light Up Your Phone Lines!

When most people think of creating a pest control brand, they think of a colorful logo, catchy taglines, or their website, business card, etc. but we build pest control brands that are outside the box because doing what everyone else is doing has created noise, not cash!



How do you separate yourself

From The Competiton



Introducing the most powerful branding tool in pest control; we guarantee it!


Pest Control Brand Book®

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know it’s unheard of, but we’re so confident in the power of your Pest Control Brand Book® to cement your status as an expert in your industry and attract new clients that we will guarantee your happiness and results.

“I can't say enough good things about you guys.  This has been my best investment to date… It’s been three years now, and people notice my brand.”

Jane C.

“Who knew such a little book could be such a game changer? My only regret is not doing this sooner. The results have been what you said they would be. I am shocked!

Bruce K.

The Benefits Of Our Pest Control Branding

Attract More Leads: It elevates your reputation and helps you become an industry leader while attracting a steady flow of customers. Chances are you have spent years developing your knowledge about pests and helped countless of homeowners and commercial customers while collecting some great stories worth sharing.


If more people in your area knew about you, you would attract and convert more customers than your pest control company could handle. This would be a good problem to have. Our pest control brand books make this happen!

Cost Effective: Imagine having your own door-to-door sales team that works around the clock bringing you the types of leads without calling in sick. Never ask for a vacation, And best of all, they cost $100 a month.

This would be a game-changer for your business; that’s what your pest control brand book can do.  Our team helps you become a self-published author with a powerful tool that lets you stand out from your competition to attract and convert more customers and builds up your word-of-mouth referrals.   

Most homeowners don’t want to admit they had pest problems, so when someone asks for a referral, how do they handle it quietness? Instead, a book allows them to hand the person a tangible item, making the conversation less awkward.


Unique Selling Proposition ( USP) : Your ideal customers are so spoiled with choices that everything sounds like noise. Every pest control company in your area is competing for their attention. Instead of trying to be the salesman who “shouts louder” to get noticed, let’s create something of value that can help your customers right now!

Our Branding Process

Content Creation: There are no two similar businesses, so your pest control book represents your brand and is entirely original. We base the content using keyword research that lets us know what questions people are asking most; here is an example of over 32,000 questions people want to know about pest control, and who better to answer their questions than you?


Strategy Call: Our copywriter will meet with you for 60 minutes on Zoom or by phone to refine your message and draft your outline, including your title and chapters. Some books are more targeted than others. For example, wildlife control


Audio Option: If you are a business owner who wants to be more involved in creating your pest control brand, we have developed an easy and comfortable way for you to talk through the chapter of your book. Most books are between 10,000 and 30,000 words, but when people begin to speak, it can draw out their best thinking. Once you have finished recording, we will transcribe and edit your audio. Next, we will ensure that your message is conveyed to the readers. We then finalize your table of contents, headings, and subheadings.


Testimonials: Today more than ever, testimonies are a necessity. We thoughtfully read and select your best reviews from the internet to incorporate them on your book’s cover and first page.


Design Front Cover: We’ll create three custom covers for you to choose from based on seven design choices that have been proven to grab readers’ attention. We can also incorporate your headshot, a picture that resonates with your pest control brand, or your team working out in the field.


Your Back Cover: The back of your book is the most valuable part of this entire process; The back is where your bio goes and is an opportunity to highlight your experiences and other snippets of your vast knowledge. Of course, we will include all the information a standard business card has, including your logo, slogan, color selection, and contact information. We do this because customers can hand out their book instead of their business cards. There is no better way to have people remember you!


Production, Publishing, and Printing: Once you have approved the draft of your pest control brand book, our team will give it a professional layout taking all the necessary steps to make your book available before delivering it to you. It takes us 3 to 6 weeks to get your book completed and sent to you.


The smaller your pest control company is, the more you need to price-proof through stories. The bigger your company, the more you need to humanize it through stories. Stories create rapport, are instantly sharable, and help establish value. This will make your pest control brand and message stand out from competitors.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee


First, we guarantee your happiness in your Pest Control Brand Book® and give you 365 days to send us one round of edits to your book manuscript. This gives you complete peace of mind that your message will say what you want it to. Once you send us the edits, we’ll make the changes, send you an updated PDF version, and even ship you an additional 20 paperback copies.


Second, we guarantee we will get you and your Pest Control Brand Book® local publicity using our connections. This will help with the google ranking of your website, drive traffic and leads to your website, impress your clients, and make your competition envious. We are so confident this branding tool will be one of the best investments your company has made that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s right; we’re letting you test it risk-free for a year. If you feel it did not increase your sales after twelve months of promoting your book, we will offer you a 100% refund!

The Key That Unlocks A Steady Steam Of New Clients

Your book aims to open up the top of your conversion funnel. A conversion or lead funnel is a process through which a potential customer becomes aware they need to hire a technician, become aware of you, express interest, and move through a cycle to potentially (and hopefully) become your next customer. However, when someone comes to your website, you have yet to learn where they are in this process.


​According to research, only 5% of your traffic is instantly ready to contact you. Yet, most sites have only one message “hire me now” if there is no other alternative, then you are missing out on the 95% of people who have the potential to become your next paying customer. This is why most marketing fails! So instead, our team takes a different approach. We do not only market to the 5% who are ready to hire you now but those who want to hire you in the future.   

Being a business owner requires more salesmanship than most would like to think. To be the go-to company in your local service area, you must sell your experience, personality, and skill set. Having a published book instantly catapults you into the forefront of your competition.


There is no other way to open the conversion funnel than to offer value. Once there was a time when a free estimate was valuable. Unfortunately, you won’t find a free book; only 1% of the world’s population is an author. When you open up the top of the funnel this way, it makes it easier for prospects to initiate a conversation with you without picking up the phone and making an appointment. It also changes their perception. Instead, they realize it or not. There is a reason the word “author” is in the word “authority” what better way to showcase your pest control brand than establish trust and build credibility?


When you make sure their only option of contacting you is not picking up the phone, it’s shocking how much lighter the phone becomes when the weight of pressure is removed.


Another benefit to your pest control brand book is that you can market it instead of bedbugs and cockroaches, which aren’t very appealing images.



In addition to creating your pest control brand, we also provide you with various marketing tools to help promote your brand.



Compete, Win & Dominate



Custom Landing Page: A custom landing page where prospects can instantly download the digital copy of your book. Or, if you prefer, you can send your text. Either way, having their contact information will allow you to build a rapport with them and grow your email and social media outreach.


Email Automation: A two-step email campaign to your current email contacts, many of whom may have yet to contact you. When you announce the release of your book, it can help you stimulate referrals.


 Backlinks: One of the keys to getting an abundance of pest control leads is SEO. One of the best ways to acquire high-quality backlinks for your campaign is with your book.  A pest control brand book gives you a massive boost in rankings.

 Facebook Ads: One of the best ways to connect with web visitors who left your website is with Facebook retargeting. We use your book to set this up for you.


Your book is everything you need to open up your conversion and get leads flooding your phone lines. We Guarantee it! Contact us today to learn more about our books or other pest control branding services we offer.

Pest Control Branding Tools

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