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The Ultimate Strategy To Win At Pest Control Ads

Pest control ads are the fastest way to make it to the top of Google providing you instant access to hundreds of potential customers. It simple they say…

  • Write a pest control ad

  • Create a dynamic landing page

  • Bid on lucrative keywords


Then insert your credit card, rub a rabbits foot, and pull the lever to hit the jackpot.

  • More Leads

  • More Customers

  • More Money


If only gambling with online ads were that easy we would all be millionaires.

Pest control paid ads require a proven formula or the house (Google) will always win!

Today lady luck is on your side

If you are looking for the hot buyers button to get more exposure and make more money quickly with pay -per- click and social media pest control ads, you have come to the right place.



What Are Paid Pest Control Ads? 

Pest control ads are paid advertising, the most common is Google, the second is Facebook. When someone conducts a search, they receive the results they are looking for either one of four ways. At the top is google screening followed by pay- per-click, maps, and organic search results. Each time someone clicks on your ad they charged your credit card accordingly, rather, or not the click converts into a lead. When done correctly they can yield fast, lucrative results.

Other forms of paid ads include:

  • Bing or Microsoft Ads

  • Facebook

  • You Tube

  • LinkedIn


Getting clicks is easy, anyone can do it, but spoiler alert without a tested and proven plan to turn clicks into caller and callers into customers, you can lose more money on ads than a weekend in Vegas! 


We have spoken to and worked with hundreds of companies over the past decade that have endured painful and frustrating losing streak.

Over 80% have invested thousands of dollars into running Google and social media ads with little to no return on their investment.

It’s like inserting money into a slot machine, that is why if you are serious about investing your money in pest control ads you should listen closely. 


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Changing The Way, You Run Pest Control Ads For Good!

Most everyone from the do it yourselfers to marketing “experts” have been trained through books and YouTube how to run pest control ads the traditional way.

Don’t believe us just look up two ads and notice how frightening familiar they sound.


If you write bland messages, you will continue getting bland results!

If you want results that bring home the bacon, you must start delivering your customers something different.

On the casino floors of Google, it’s not about clicks its all about conversion!

Nothing else is more important then turning clicks into cash! 

Now you have been trained that traffic equal more conversions, more sales.

According to research it’s a crapshoot. 

On a really good day when you blow on the dice just rights you will receive 1 lead for every 10 click.


This means 9 clicks your sending money on is WASTED!


​Let us share the alarming truth about the cost of playing in this high stakes game.


Since 2018 the cost of paid ads has skyrocketed, its all about supply and demand.


Google (PPC) has increased 244% and Facebook isn’t far behind at 177%, and buddy unlike the casino that lowers their prices, its not getting any cheaper.


Want a seat at the winning table of Google with pest control ads that let you walk away a winner?



Let’s take a walk and I will show you how, if you want THE faster way.


# 1 Understand Who Your Customer Is!


It’s safe to assume if you are on this website, you own a pest control company because this is our focus. Our website and every ad we take out is aimed at our audience to deliver the right message; this applies to your pest control ads as well.  


How do you ensure your delivering the right message at the right time? You must know the industry.


Identifying your target audience is the foundation of your pest control marketing strategy.


Let’s look at what they really want (the numbers indicate the average monthly searches on Google):

  • Pest Control — 165,000

  • Exterminator — 60,500

  • Pest Solutions — 880

  • Pest Services — 390

  • Pest Elimination — 110


Your customers are searching for “pest control” vs. “pest solutions” an average of 187 to 1

“exterminator” vs. “pest services” an average of 155 to 1

And, before you give up on the title of “bug man,” know that people are searching for a “bug man”

14 times more often than they are searching for a “pest management professional.”


Market research is not optional its mandatory unless you want to murder your money! 


 But we get it, if we had to run an agency where we researched 100 industries a week the way most Goliath sized marketers do, we’d strike out too.


Not only must you know who your audience is and what they want but your pest control ad needs to be singular focused meaning optimized for ONE keyword 

Look at most pest control ads and you will see at least two if not more of these words in one ad.


  • Pest Control

  • Exterminator

  • Pest Solutions

  • Pest Services


​ The thought is if I cast a wide enough net, I will catch more jobs.

However, this wide net is less likely to return a positive ROI because your spending more per lead.

The better idea would be to remove all those keywords and focus on ONE super word.

  • Pest Control + city

  • Exterminator+ city

  • Pest Solution for + city name

  • Pest services in + city name


But here’s the kicker in order to have enough content for the pest control ad, they must know the industry and what separates you from every other company in town and then write an ad that is so irresistible it make the reader stop- look and listen!

The copywriter who creates the content must know their s ##t!


I wonder how many have ever spent even a day in the trenches much less years? 

How can they know about pest control if they only write ads once in a blue moon?


If they don’t have a relationship with you, how do they know what solutions you offer?


But just like the pest control ads they write they have cast their nets into a sea so vast that one day their writing for a restaurant, the following day a Doctor and the next day you come across their desk.

And now you understand why your pest control ads aren't turning clicks into customers

# 3 No Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

We get it you’re the best exterminator on planet earth or at least in your area because you have (years of experience) and (memberships and awards) but guess what every other pest control ad says?


The exact same thing


People want to know "Why should I do business with you?" 

Awe yes, I am the cheap guy in town offering low, low, prices!

There are five types of buyers, only one of them is motivated by price.

That means by you breaking your back to be the cheapskate in your area who will never get ahead and still loosing 80% of the sales and guess what those are generally the best ones because people who have money are willing to pay for experience and convivence. 

Need an example- Starbucks!

They charge triple what the gas station next door does and with a line that is 15 minutes long I’d say there is a lesson to be learned by these colossal giants.

People buy what you do but most importantly why you do it and who you are. 

Again, why should people do business with you?

Here are a two examples of a USP

Avis: “we’re number two. We try harder.” With this they shot up from an 11% market share to 33% within 4 years


The new standard in pest control marketing, we remove the risk, you reap the results!

# 4 Buy- Buy -Buy

The landing pages for your pest control ads should not only contain singular focus and have a powerful unique selling proposition but they should also be used as a tool to create awareness and action not sales.

Ah yes grasshopper, you want sales- but what does your customer who holds the cash want?



 A rule I learned early in business is people want to know what you know. I bet if you stop to think, you can remember your teachers name yet struggle to recall other names of people whom you have met far more recently, why?

Education is unforgettable, and your secret weapon to sales.

 Instead of trying to pawn your services off on people like your down to your last dollar,  arm them with the information they need to make the most logical conclusion (you) notice once I haven’t tried to sale you our services.


I have educated you, if you do just these steps you will reap better results then the " experts".


The sales will come for now focus on selling the action, not the service.

A call to schedule a free quote, an educational guide in exchange for their email” 5 things every homeowner in (city) should know about termites”

Once the action occurs, they have given you persuasion to sweep them off their feet with your service offerings.


I will spare you the nuts and bolts here but at a high level our strategy ensures that our clients have a chance multiple points throughout the entire buying cycle to secure a sale and that you become the go-to expert that people know and trust. 


# 4 Knowing Your Return On Investment

 It’s a frightening reality but most people lose track of what they are sending and how much they are spending to acquire a customer. Most business owners are so caught up in the operations of running a business they leave it up to their agency who seldom tracks revenue they track results (clicks) and to further confuse the issue even more since you are not selling your services but selling an action it can be tricky to track without having a system dialed into place.

The basic equation for a pest control guys looks like this



Average Closed Lead Value X Rate of Lead Close = Per Lead Value

This will make it easier for you to backtrack to determine what each lead is costing and if you’re making a profit or burning a hole through your wallet.

Let’s say you are a pest control company in Destin FL with a budget of $2000 to devote to your ads, and your ads have a 10% close rate so for every 10 click you get a lead (phone call, email) and you have 20% sales rate (average) of turning leads into a sale.

$2000/ $25 = 80 clicks

80 clicks = 10 leads

10 leads= 2

If you ran the pest control ad for $2000 and make 2 sales, will you even break even? Better yet as the photo above indicates its only possible to get 40 clicks but their selling you the s$$t and because very few people are educated they are getting ripped off!


Even with knowledge and experience we strongly suggest not betting all your chips on one winning pest control ad.


The rewards can run high but so does the risk, which leads to our final point

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Let’s face it not only is marketing risky so is business, over half of all businesses fail within the first 5 years and with COVID thousands closed their doors. The two biggest reasons for small businesses to fail is lack of capital and overblowing the marketing budget, leaving many business owners afraid to market at all but here’s the bitter reality

When it comes to growing a business, nothing is more important than accumulating a lot of customers as fast as you can!

In order to do this, you need a full-service pest control marketing system that is multi channels, giving you as many ways as possible to have a flood of leads on a consistent basis if you want to grow or scale your business to the next level.


When marketing works as it should its not an expense but an investment


stated another way​, invest $1.00 and get $2.00 back. 

Most of our clients experience double or triple their marketing investment and we don’t just say it we guarantee it, that's something you won’t find anywhere else!

If we do not double your marketing dollars within 12 months or less, we won’t charge you a penny more until we do!

How can we offer a guarantee?

How can we not!

Most of the pest control companies our marketing agency works with offer a service guarantee, they believe in hard work and going the extra mile for their customers. We believe in those principles. 

Free Strategy Success Session
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Free Strategy Success Session

Free Website Audit & Success Strategy Session


* Most Agencies Change $500.00*


Digital Blueprint: Our agency takes the time to become acquainted with you and your business as well as your goals so we can discover  the fasted route to travel to get you to those milestones. 

 Website audit- Next we use the latest technology and digital tools to put your website under a microscope.  Most of the time we can detect the issues as to why you’re currently not getting results and rather we need to do a 180 or a complete 360. 

Competition Knockout-  In order to beat your competition you first have to know who they are and what's their strategy. There can only be one leader in your area and that all about you!

This is not a sales call, we give you the information just as we have throughout out website and if we seem like a great match then we proceed, if not we part as friends. 


Have you locked horns with another agency, no problem if we cant get you out unscathed we will build you a new site that will get a 20-45% boost once relaunched.

Other Services Our Pest Control Marketing Agency Provides

High Performance Websites

Our web designers not only will make your website look pretty but we will make it pay pretty big by doubling your leads. Our team focuses in getting to know you and your business to create one of a kind content that will convert readers into callers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team is ruthless when it comes to getting you results. Each of our websites have SEO built in and with our work in terms of high-volume content and a badass backlink strategy that can’t be beat, we will leave your competitor in the dust

Social Media 


When a website visitor leaves without taking action we remain fast on their tail throughout the buying cycle with our pest control social media ads that convert visitors into  customers.

Door to Door Pest Control Sales Academy

Rather your in door to door pest control sales or s business owner this system will set you up for success while eliminating tire kickers, low ballers, and price shoppers.