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Looking For A Marketing Agency For Pest Control

That Cuts Through The B.S. To Deliver Results?


You've come to the right place!


As a business owner, keeping your phones ringing and your technicians busy is only possible with a solid strategy. If you’re like many of the pest control companies we know, you have probably sought help from another marketing agency that made a lot of promises but delivered subpar results at best. This is why it’s so important for you to partner with a marketing agency for pest control that understands your industry, speaks Google fluently, and knows what it takes to dominate the search engines so that you’re the go-to service provider in your local area. We’re not jacks of all trades; we’re leaders of one!


Unlike most marketing for pest control, we practice what we preach. I’ve built a business from the ground up to seven figures. My mentor along the path was none other than one of PCT’s top 100 years after year. Once I followed his path to success, I discovered my true passion was helping other pest control companies get their marketing right. I know what works and what doesn’t,; transparent communication and tangible results are what you can expect from us.




 We appreciate it when you choose to trust us to market your pest control business. To prove we are not all bark without a bite, we stand behind the services we offer with an unheard-of 200% ROI guarantee. If our team does not double your investment within twelve months or less, we will work for free until we do This means you have nothing to lose!


Take the first step towards doubling your leads and sales by scheduling a free lead flow acceleration call with one of our team members today.  Don’t put it off because once we have a company in your area, we don’t turn around and sign up their competition, and our client retention rate is 97%.


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Marketing Program

Our unique marketing for pest control program has been proven to consistently bring businesses an abundance of highly qualified leads on a consistent basis.

Custom Web Designs

We create custom websites designed to attract, engage and convert your traffic into new customers through copy writing and state of the art digital marketing tools. 

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO for pest control follows a proven process so customers find your services wherever they are searching online. Quality link and engaging post are a part of our successful strategy

Lead Letters

Most agencies rely on pay per click or Google ads instead we have created a low cost solution that speeds up the process. With direct mail we create a steady flow of clients in only 30 days. 

Reputation Management

Our reputation management services was designed to help you build trust with potential customers and the search engines so that your business listing appears in the map section on front page.

Facebook Ads

The key to conversion and retaining existing  customers is to stay in the forefront of prospects mind throughout the buying cycle. We do using Facebook ads retargeting.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a smart way to grow your business as you can reach your ideal customers. We create social media content that engages and educates prospects about your pest control services. We also offer Facebook ads

Pest Control Branding

Instead of knocking on doors and handing our business cards that have lost their value we create a book branded for your business that will make you the go to pest control company in your area. 

Don't Take Our Word For It

Our Clients Say It Best

While our web traffic was growing, we were experiencing a decrease in conversion rates and stalled-out growth. Our goal was to make our website easier to understand and ultimately increase its conversion rate. I called Melissa, and she assured me there was a solution. The team at Pest Control Marketing has been impeccable to work with, and our ROI is 630%. We’re thrilled with both their process and results.


Dan Brown

 Termite Warriors

Melissa is a rare talent. I went through several other agencies before finding Melissa and her team. They have made all the difference. They discover things that completely change the game for us- and have allowed my partner Scott and I to grow way beyond what we expected.

Shelby B. Timon

Trotter Pest Control

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Better Results Are Here!

Marketing For Pest Control

Most people start a pest control business because they have learned the trade and assume that’s enough to succeed. They have the goals of making more money, having more freedom, and having time to spend with their families. However, they soon realize they have hit an income ceiling, and unless something changes, they will never make the kind of money or impact they hoped for or were capable of achieving. The pest control industry is lucrative once you have a solid plan for getting new clients and retaining existing ones.


Nothing is more critical to your business than getting new clients and keeping the ones you have.

Growing a pest control company without a marketing strategy is like driving to an address hundreds of miles away without a map or GPS. It won't happen.

This book gives you the keys and turn-by-turn directions to help pest control companies get a lot of customers quickly while avoiding as many roadblocks as possible so that you arrive at your million-dollar destination within 3 to 5 years. 

The New Standing In Marketing For Pest Control Companies

Month-to-Month Services: We deserve to be fired if we do not meet or exceed your expectations. This is why we do not have minimum terms of engagement or restrictive platforms. You'll stay for the results, not because the contract says so or were holding your site hostage.  

Proven Results: Working with our team, you’ll know where your marketing dollars are spent! We track your campaign and will keep you up to speed with monthly video calls and emails at your request.

Experience:  Before working together, we’ll meet to determine if we’re the right fit. We are just as selective with the clients we choose to work with as the marketing company you choose. If we work together, we’ll create a customized marketing strategy for your pest control company. Then, based on our years of experience and knowledge, we will recommend what you need to do if you want to reach your full earning potential.

Transparent Tracking and Reporting: Working with Pest Control Marketing Partners (PCMP) means you’ll know how and where your marketing dollars are being spent! We use state-of-the-art software that checks to see how your site is perfuming and the calls you are receiving so we can deliver you the most amount of leads in the most economical way possible.

Personalized Attention: Most marketing agencies rely on a collection of unnamed and unknown digital marketers to provide the work, and good luck trying to get status updates. This is where we are different. When you work with Pest Control Marketing Partners. There is no middleman.  We are directly accountable to you and build relationships with our clients. We answer the phone, respond to your emails, and deliver tangible results on a regular basis. 

Don't let our smiles fool you; we were ruthless when getting our clients results!

Pest Control SEO Expert.jpg

Melissa Emerson, aka "Pest Control Princess"

PCMP Founder & SEO Expert

pest control web designer

Tammie Martin

Web Designer

pest control social media

Chynna York

Social Media Marketing

pest control seo

Barbara Price

Client Success Manager

The Flip Side

No agency is perfect so let us tell you the downside from the get go.  We believe transparency builds trust and that the flip side of our strength is our weakness. Our marketing solution is not a fit for everyone.  


In case you missed the memo our marketing is exclusively for pest control, we do serve wildlife control and lawn/landscaping companies that work in the industry

If you are looking for an agency staffed by former field technicians, we are not. However, we have a combined 37 years in the marketing and pest control industry. 

If you are closed-minded and unwilling to change, this program is far too aggressive for you. We work with lions, not mice.

If you are uncomfortable with straight talk, adult language and cannot handle being told the truth, we cannot help you.

If your company is teetering on the brink of collapse, you have my sincerest best wishes, but this program is not for you. marketing for pest control is not a purple pill, silver bullet, or get rich overnight solution . Anyone that tells you otherwise isn't credible.  

If you are looking for a full-service agency, you’re in the wrong place. We have done our research and are ruthlessly selective with the marketing tools we use for our pest control clients. If you want Google Ads ( pay-per-click) we don't offer it nor do we offer ala carte services such as web designs without search engine optimization (SEO) As cliché, as it sounds our success is your success. 

We are not Betty Crocker - we don't take a cookie-cutter template approach to our pest control clients website design. Since every website is designed from scratch to be an original we require a 45-day turnaround but we believe you'll discover it was worth the wait.  

We only work with one pest control company per service area.  This means if you contact us and we are already working with a company in your market, this is a dead-end. 

Last but not least we are not the cheapest agency you will find, you get what you pay for. However, if you are unhappy with your current income level and want more- more leads, more sales, and more profits then we'd like to speak with you! 

Marketing Resources For Pest Control Companies

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Are You Ready To Take Your Company To The Next Level?

Pest Control Marketing Partners can get your phone ringing off the hook with calls from people searching online for a company in your area. let us show you how! Click the button below to schedule a

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angible results.  

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