We Remove The Risk You Reap The Results


A Pest Control Marketing Agency That Delivers Results


  • Ironclad in writing guarantee - results within 12 months or less or you don't pay another dime until we do (since we have payroll, we don't lose!)

  • No Long Term Contracts - we earn your business month to month ; you will stay for the results not because the contract says so.

  • Exclusivity - We only work with one business per service area, another words were not on your competitors bank role. 

  • Transparency: We let you know monthly what we are doing with your marketing dollars, and remain accessible by phone, Zoom, and email. 

Best In Class Websites

Make a lasting impression on your visitors with a creative website that turns eyeballs (LOOKERS) into handshakes (BUYERS).

Social Media

 Instead of throwing darts in the dark we target people who KNOW your business, WANT your services, and FORGOT to contact you! 

Pest Control SEO

The cornerstone of success, visibility! Using specific and proven techniques we stalk

(research) hunt (competitors) and devour (defeat) your competition.

Pest Control Branding 

A new approach to the pest control branding that doesn't only bring your business visibility but a flood of paying customers

Compete, Win, and Dominate

 A Pest Control Marketing Agency That Is Changing The Game

Dear ambitious business owner, 

If you are like many of the small pest control companies that we have worked with it has been a challenge to make your phone ring and consistently keep your trucks running or have to share your profits with greedy lead vendors. However, the moment you consider hiring a pest control marketing agency a flood of nagging doubts rush into your mind:


  • Whom can I trust?

  • Who will not disappoint me?

  • Who will deliver results?

  • Who is not going to rip me off?

Everyone has either experienced or heard horror stories about generic marketers who lock you into long term contracts, rank you for bogus keywords, take away the control of your website, and leave you waiting for what seems like an eternity before you get any results.  


Which brings me to the purpose of this letter. I am Melissa Emerson; founder of Pest Control Marketing Partners and I dare say I know more about this industry then 99% of other marketers.  I am the bonus daughter of a seven-figure pest and lawn guy and have spent over a decade running my own business.


I have been in your shoes, after years of struggling to grow my business in part because of shoddy marketers I took matters into my own hands the way any ole stubborn Southern girl would do. Having devoted countless of hours to self-study, and a lot of experimentation, and trial and error I finally cracked that code that took my business to the land of high cotton.


But this isn’t about me, this is about you:


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a dominate presence that positioned you as the top pest control company in your area?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to levering the Internet to its fullest potential, in terms of exposure leads and profits?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a torrential flood of leads?

These are the results of what our pest control marketing agency has done for dozens of our clients, just like you.



Better yet we remove the risk, if our pest control marketing agency fails to double your marketing investment within 12 months (highly unlikely) you don’t pay us another penny until we do.


Unlike other pest control marketing agencies once we double, triple, or even 10 X your sales your marketing cost never increase.

Most other pest control agencies can’t do this, if they did, they would go belly up.

Go ahead and ask our competitors if they guarantee their results, I can guarantee they don’t.


Here is your opportunity to have a partner you can trust. We have a reputation to uphold in the pest control industry and that’s why I personal put my name behind it and to a small-town Texas girl that still means something!


Wishing you all the success you have the guts to claim,

Melissa Emerson

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Pest Control Experience





We try harder!

Our Reviews

images (2).jpg

We turned to you guys when we started our business in 2018, within the first years we grew to over six figures in revenue! The best part was we never had to worry about where our next client was coming from, for a new business this is unheard of. 

We have worked with 4 other pest control marketing agencies in the past 12 years without much success. We knew what others were doing using SEO, so we decided to take one more chance, can't say enough about these gals! Thank you for changing our business and restoring our faith in marketers! 

pest control seo process.jpg










Websites Built To Convert

There are a lot of moving parts that goes into a website, while most website developers can offer you all the bells and whistles that make a website look good, our websites come predesigned to grow your business. We do this using the power of on search engine optimization (SEO) Here are just a few of the foundational features you receive with your website.


  • Custom designed websites

  • Fast loading speed

  • Original, high-quality photos

  • Brand video

  • Mobile friendly and responsive

  • Reformatting so prospect can see your website on any device

  • Dozens of pages that help your contractor website show up higher in the SERP when it is launched.

  • Converting forms and chat bots that make its simple for your visitor to contact you.

  • SSL, security, and website hosting


Don’t waste thousands of your marketing dollars on websites that look pretty when you can a website that'll start paying you. Give your pest control company the competitive advantage it deserves.

pest control website mockup.jpg
pest-control-marketing websitea.jpg

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Our pest control marketing agency can provide you with a plan that will stop you from burning money and start bringing home the bacon! With billions of people scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube have you ever wondered why your ads fall on death ears? 

Local Listing Domination


One of the biggest issues since the dawn of the internet is anyone can run out and create a business so how do you drown out the noise? Outside of a website one of the first places people turn to find your service is in the map pack. They often base who they hire off of other people opinion. However, having reviews on a lead gen where you are listed or on services like yelp and Facebook don’t pack as much of a punch for you as having them on GMB, where business is won. With a properly optimized website and local listing your leads will explode, and we have the digital marketing plan to take you there.


These is just a sampling of the digital tools our pest control agency provides to ensure your business has the absolute best chance for success in your area and for the services that you provide.

Contractor  SEO results.jpg

This customer started with us in January and within 120 days 223 clicks and 47 new jobs! 

574 Direct views 

with 14 CLOSED jobs per week on average after 9 months!

Goofle data for pest control.png

Within 9 months client went from ZERO visibility to over 5,000 website visitors using only our SEO program 

Why Choose Us To Be Your Pest Marketing Agency?

Unrivaled Industry Knowledge

No one knows how to provide digital marketing for the pest control industry better than Pest Control Marketing Partners. When you hire us, you hire a dedicated team with the insider scoop at what it takes for you to become the dominant leader in your local service area.

We start by pouncing on the ripest opportunity available to drive customers to your website with a content strategy that is laser focused on crushing your competitors like a cockroach.  


Dedicated To Your Success

 Our pest control marketing agency focuses on small to medium-sized pest control companies. We take on only one client per service area so when you choose us, we won’t turn around and work with  one of your competitors. As our client you can expect us to be 100% dedicated to YOUR business success.


Custom Solutions  

We take the time to know our clients, to ensure that we are a good match we learn about your business, mission, and goals through a personalized strategy session. Then we provide you with a realistic assessment of what can be done so you get the results you want to achieve and pinpoint ways for you to surpass the competition.


Real People Doing Real Work

We are more focused than a generalist agency which allows our pest control agency to deliver customized service, better solutions, and faster results than the big boys do. We work on a first name basis where we must earn our keep and spend more time with our clients by staying nimble in size. Our customers appreciate our real-world insight, transparency, and open communication. Being based in Houston Texas we are available by phone or email, during normal business hours.  


Results You Can Understand

Most pest control companies don’t only want data they want dollars, they only want to know if we can make their phone ring not the ins and outs to how we do it so while we communicate frequently, we measure success differently. We track results not ranking to provide you with transparency, you know where your marketing dollars and being spent and what your projected ROI is. Let our pest control marketing agency skillfully apply our marketing strategy and if you’re not thrilled with the results then we make it easy for you to tell us to take a hike!

Want A Pest Control Marketing Agency That Cuts Through The B.S. & Finally Delivers Results? 

Take the 1st Step, Free Strategy Success Session 

* Most Agencies Change $500.00 *


Digital Blueprint: Our pest control marketing agency takes the time to get to know you and your business goals so we can see the take you the fasted route from where you are currently at to front page success 12 months or less.

 Website Audit: Next, we do a deep dive using the latest technology and tools to put your website under a microscope.  Most of the time we can detect the issues as to why you’re currently not getting results and how to break down the barrier to hit the bulls eye.

Competition Knockout:  We are ruthless with results. There can only be one dominate pest control company and that all about you! We analyze your competition to see how to go in for the TKO!

But don't worry we are not some fast talking city slickers who are going to pressure you into a sale. Instead, we simply educate and arm you with the information you need to make the smartest choice for your business. 


Have you locked horns with another agency, we will make the transition quick and pain-free; we will do an onboarding call with you to go over the details of what we need to take over the reins so you can start getting results. If your site is locked into another platform and we cant get you out unscathed we will rebuild your site from scratch or use all your current content. We will get you up and running in a jiffy. Pest Control Marketing Partners will make sure you do not loose your any of your SEO value. In fact,  most of the time our clients experience a huge boost in ranking straight out of the gate.